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Where Is Our Money Going To? [Content Rant]

Membership Prices are due to increase on 4 June... this is getting just plain ridiculous...
(note: this post is pretty much all subjective, my take/opinions on the matter)

6 Months ago, Jagex released a statement about how MTX Promotions got out of hand and they were looking for ways to cut back on them... however, no changes have been made regarding this, thus far. For More Information: READ THIS.

In short, we are continuing to invest in RuneScape, and the price increase is one part of assuring RuneScape's future for many years to come. Additionally, economic factors such as Brexit and fluctuations in the value of currencies meant that we needed to review the pricing structure for our games.
let's have a look-see at where all our money is being invested into:

Jagex's Game Ventures (so far):

Still Alive

RuneScape: the main game, ~25,000 concurrent players (at a time), receives updates every week (alternating between content and MTX promotions), XP can be earned or bought, player-oriented community (players can choose updates by communicating directly with devs, with in-game polls [when they are running], or annual surveys), has dedicated sub-dev teams, fancy graphics running on a "new" engine, running off of legacy code written 10 years ago (that limits what content devs can release)
  • RuneScape Mobile: iOS/Android port of the main game, still in development (despite originally having an Early/Mid 2018 release date)
OldSchool RuneScape: fork of RuneScape from 2007, ~50,000 concurrent players (at a time), receives consistent updates every week (content and/or QoL patches every week), XP can be earned or bott(ed) 😂, player-oriented community (players choose updates by monthly/weekly polls, or annual surveys), compared to RS3, has a (relatively) small dev team, potato graphics
  • OldSchool RuneScape Mobile: iOS/Android port of 2007scape, still in development (despite originally having a Winter 2017 release date)
Ace of Spades/Block N' Load: acquired in 2012, launched in 2011, TF2 Minecraft hybrid, AoS closed, Bn'L still getting updates: averages around 300 concurrent players a day on Steam
Planetarion: acquired in 2010, launched in 2000, unique mechanics, SEMI-ACTIVELY DEVELOPED: but not by Jagex, they license out the dev

In Dev Limbo (or cancelled, nobody knows at this point)

"Unannounced MMO": they took our Ollie and Dolan and Deg, still actively hiring for, and they currently have nothing (public) to show for it (and won't have for several years), everything is under NDA's and secrecy, but it's planned to be big (and then most likely flop because it's not RuneScape)
  • since jagex is actively putting resources into it... let us see it, get the community involved, let us give our input on making this game, because when it gets released (if it even does) and players don't like it... it'll be another flop
RuneScape: RPG Battler "Tactics" or "AURORA": leaked from a Chinese conference a year and a half ago, was planned for release for mobile/tablets in 2017, probably out of production... but they still have all those assets RuneScape Remastered or "Next Gen" or "RS Next" (maybe the Unannounced MMO): leaked in the conference, planned for PC/mobile/& tablets in 2018, also leaked from a slideshow from a livestream, nothing known, no official announcement
Mod Balance (27 July 2016): Yep – this is something we are working on! ...these projects are in an early pre-production phase. Whilst they’re pretty exciting, cool ideas we can’t guarantee they’ll be put into full scale production ...being carried out by a separate team to the ones which develop RuneScape ...these titles won't distract from the games you love, just add to them! ...it would be a new game using the RuneScape brand. RuneScape and your progress within RuneScape is here to stay!
RuneScape: Heroes: a Vainglory/LoL-esqe MOBA being developed for the chinese mobile market, coming Oct 2018 [but probably only to China]
Currently, Jagex has embarked on the development of the "RuneScape" series of IP-related games in the Chinese market. The products under development, RuneScape: Chronicles and RuneScape: Heros, will be developed and distributed by Chinese partners. Jagex is responsible for material design and other support. Both games are in the stage of prototype development and are expected to be formally launched in May and October 2018 respectively. (link is cached because the website is down, there was also footage of gameplay, but I couldn't find)


RuneScape Classic: the Classic version of RuneScape, around 500 active users, last content update: March 2004, still received small limited bug fixes for a long while, however, all support has ceased... and announced to close 6 August, 2018
DarkScape: fork of the main RS3 game, just with PvP everywhere, small loyal fanbase of around 3,000 [solely playing DS] (and small loyal Dev team), only open for 6 months, closed due to "loss of player retention" Funorb: small hub of 44 java-based games, last game released in 2010, announced to close 7 August, 2018.
  • Arcanists: launched in 2008, was popular, abandoned, there is still a cult following of devout players still playing it, albeit unsupported by most modern browsers)
  • Armies of Gielinor: (launched in 2009, turn-based strategy, was popular, shows a successful use of the RuneScape IP, abandoned (along with Funorb) unannounced
Chronicle: RuneScape Legends: CTG, Heartstone "clone, but unique", little advertising outside RS, Beta: 25 Nov 2015, Released: 26 May 2016 (Windows/Mac Only), no new updates after October 2016, announced to close 6 August, 2018.
  • was also supposed to be released on tablets in 2016 [RuneFest 2015]
8Realms: empire building game, cancelled after a year due to only receiving 10% of sales expectations War of Legends: not developed, but published by Jagex, Evony "clone", lasted 5 years, closed in Jan 2015 after security issues that shut down the game a month earlier Transformers Universe: Spent 5 years in development, didn't leave beta testing, abrupt and (mostly) unexplained closure Carnage Racing: straight-to-facebook game, was also released for iOS, and apparently steam, but all versions of the game look to be unavailable ATM, no notice of closure Herotopia: published by jagex, couldn't find a playable version... presumed abandoned, website rebranded to showcase iOS games about "Smighties" RuneScape: Idle Adventures: ½ Jagex's blame, never left closed beta, no mobile release on launch (only PC) = DoA, cancelled due to "loss of player retention" [people weren't buying the MTX] Mobile iOS Games: [All unplayable on iOS 11]
  • Bouncedown: Doodle jump clone, but going down instead of up, last updated 2010
  • StarCannon LITE: Low effort Missile Command/Space Invaders clone, last updated 2010
  • Miner Disturbance: STILL $0.99, last updated 2010
  • Undercroft: acquired in 2010, launched in 2005, ported to iOS, cute retro-RPG, last updated 2011
Undoubtedly 10's of unannounced/cancelled before release games that couldn't've made it to PMarketing
Jagex should stop trying to become anything more than RuneScape (all previous attempts failed), and start focusing dev time back to the main moneymaker and let it grow on its own, rather than restricting it to a "MTX" trellis while the weeds of unreleased/canceled games suck up all the money it's making

RuneFest Reveals: [Click Here]

EVERY "Year Ahead" content announcement made at RuneFest (that was recorded and accessible), and whether or not it was released or not
Yes, I watched every minute of all of them. And took notes.
TL;DR: Jagex is actually alright with releasing content (they announce) on time*! *for the most part

Quality of In-Game Events (Holiday/Player get-togethers)

With the lack of a Thanksgiving 2017, or Easter 2018 (MTX Fayre =/= Easter) holiday event, I took it upon myself to research and create a comparison of all the Holiday events the past 4 years
This hurts the most... what was once a trademark, (where me and my cousins would all get together around the family computer on EasteThanksgiving/Christmas, and we'll all do the event together, 1 at a time, giggling at all the references), has either been pushed to MTX, had literally 0 dev time, or forgotten entirely. I remember when we had these massive events like Gielinor Games or the Diamond Jubilee corgis re-released when?... that involved the community and were absolute fun + all the neat charity events (Big Cats for WWF, Rhino Awareness for United for Wildlife, Well of Goodwill for AbleGamers, DonateGames, and YoungMinds, SpecialEffect) just got turned into a grindy MTX promo (Gielinorian Giving for CPSL Mind, Prince's Trust, YMCA - England & Wales) that got copy/pasted (Gielinorian Giving II)
April Fools
Year Event Rewards
2015 Amulet of Yakspeak, Stacked camels, Cow tipping, Giant Chickens, Terry the raven, Trouble and Squeak (small quest [kill 10 rats], repeatable) Jas Hands cosmetic
2016 Fake BTS video Terrorbird Mount
2017 Papa Gianne's Pizza Delivery, Fake (and annoying) Broadcasts Pizza?
2018 Ring of random/rares None permanent
Year Event Description Rewards
2015 Easter Eggs-periments Mini-quest with puzzles, didn't take too long, fun Reward lamp, Egg Juggler emote, Easter Cooking skilling animation, Jadinko pet, Jadinko slippers & Egg on a fork cosmetic overrides, replayability with lamp rewards, the Egg-cellent title
2016 Sliske and the Chocolate Factory Pretty much a quest in itself, had fun references, LITERALLY THE BEST MUSIC TRACK, and a nice tie-in to the whole year of Sliske updates Easter Trick or Treat emote, Everlasting gobstopper (no uses), +5 guthixian butterflies each day, Invention components [300 Simple, 200 Base, 20 Enhancing, 20 Powerful, 20 Strong]
2017 Cotton Tales Another Guthix's memories event :( Bunny Head override, Human to Bunny emote, 500 memory strands, 2 butterfly jars
2018 No Event - No Event
Year Event Description Rewards
2015 Gauntlet of Souls Sailing released! Unique mini-quest, community boss Kharidian cat pet, Amascut/Icthlarin gravestones, Soul Devourer death animation, XP lamp, RAN WITH A TH Promotion: Pumpkincrow pet, Count Draynor cosmetic outift, Bat necklace cosmetic, Broom staff & Cauldron maul & Pumpkin launcher cosmetic weapon overrides, Cosmetic masks of Amascut/Icthlaren that give small XP lamps
2016 Invention of Disaster Grindy AFK XP event + you had to do it multiple times to get all the rewards, although defeating the God Construct would be nice as a repeatable event (Shauny plz?) Lightning rod hat cosmetic override, Mad Professor title, DR Spider MD pet
2017 Ghost Stories of Gielinor A nice lore mini-quest, with player submissions Ghost Story emote, Headless Rider cosmetic outfit, the Ghostwriter title
2018 'Til Death Do Us Part world event-esque event useless ring transmogs and 2h weapon overrides
Year Event Description Rewards
2015 Turkey Hide-and-Seek "2014 Thanksgiving event" Jagex: CTRL+C, CTRL+V Herald Cape crest, Turkey drumsticks weapon overrides
2016 Turkey Hide-and-Seek "2014/2015 Thanksgiving event" Jagex: CTRL+C, CTRL+V Ability to transmog into a turkey for a limited time, XP lamps
2017 No Event - No Event
2018 No Event - No Event
Year Event Description Rewards
2015 The Pinch Who Stole Christmas A full-on four-part "episodic" quest Ice Skating Champion emote, Penguin snowboard, Ring of snow (transmog item), Ability to re-fight quest boss, Penguin cosmetic outfit, AFK skilling events
2016 A Blast from the Past "2007/2010/2011 Christmas Events" Jagex: CTRL+C, CTRL+V, but a story to tie it together, plus the rerelease of the snow-globe :) Snow-drobe emote, Ice staff/shield/bow/swords weapon overrides, Stringy pet, Santa-napped Home Teleport override, AFK skilling events
2017 The G-Nome Project Rudolph Reborn pet, 2017 Snowboard, AFK skilling events
2018 Violet is Blue "instead of making a christmas temp quest, let's make a winter perm quest" TBD
Year Event Description Rewards
2015 Hati and Sköll "2011/2012/2013/2014 Winter Event" Jagex: CTRL+C, CTRL+V Nothing new
2016 Hati, Sköll, and Fenrir "2011/2012/2013/2014/2015 Winter Event" Jagex: CTRL+C, CTRL+V, but lets add a wolf Fenrir's tooth, Fenrir body, Fenrir legs
2017 Hati, Sköll, and Fenrir "2011/2012/2013/2014/2015/2016 Winter Event" Jagex: CTRL+C, CTRL+V Nothing new
Year Event
2015 Death Lotus Training
2016 Walk Like a Zombie, Birth by Fire, Runecrafting & Summoning Rifts, Attack of the Zombie Sprouts, Zodiac event
2017 New Year's Resolutions, Deathbeard's Demise, 2017 Valentine's Day event, Agents of Fury, Gielinorian Giving, Aiding the Exile, Build-a-Beach, Gielinorian Giving II, Going Like Clockwork
2018 Faceless Assassins, Zodiac Festival
Other (not including old repeatable events [DXP, Winter Weekends, Vic, Raffle])
Year Event
2015 Valentines event (Rose petals), Runescape Road Trip, Summer Beach Party, Tuska Comes, Big Cats Sanctuary, Customer Support Week, Invasion of Falador, Christmas Advent Calendar
2016 15 Year Anniversary, God Scoreboard, Heart of Gielinor: Encampment, Mega May, Falador Massacre, Port Sarim Invasion
2017 Countdown to Menaphos, Build-A-Fayre/Spring Fayre, RuneFest 2017 skillchip hunt, Novtumberfest, Dimension of the Damned
2018 -

The Decline

this is where i get all subjective, because i truly care for the game 😭
This graph shows the steady decline of one of the most popular MMO's of this generation, sold off to chinese companies to profit off of nostalga. We have to shell out (almost) double the cost it was 10 years ago, for lackluster updates and delays (Menaphos was pretty, but little incentive for high level players, Bank Rework, M+S Rework, RuneScape Mobile, etc). Speaking about 10 years ago, I remember when we got:
  • a skill (summoning)
  • 2 quests (dealing with scabaras & as a first resort)
  • content (chaos tunnels, pawyas/grenwalls)
  • fixes (GE/Summ changes/balancing, website reskin, new account recovery system)
  • lore (postbag, lores and histories)
  • player submissions (gallery)
  • dev diaries and BTS
all in the month of January 2008... and that was when membership was £3.20 GBP, €5.00EUR, $5.00 USD (£4.22, €5.70, $5.78 in 2018). In comparison, in Jan 2018 we got:
  • content (stalker creatures out of daemonheim)
  • QoL/changes (sliske's endgame replayability, aura bag/bakriminal bolt buff)
  • patches/bug fixes (8 jan, 15 jan, 22 jan, 29 jan)
  • MTX (Ocean's alliance, hydra lamps, faceless assassins, lava lanterns)
  • event? (Vic the trader)
for £5.99 GBP, €8.49 EUR, $9.49 USD. (yes i'm cherrypicking, and runescape also had 2-3x the members, and economies are a thing) but this is a stark contrast that shows a steady decline in quality over the years. IMO Developers aren't pushing out the content they used to, at the speed they used to, at the quality they used to. (tradeoffs between quality and quantity i presume)
I personally think they need to reevaluate balancing their artstyles against trying to push out more content (make things less pretty where it should count... like pop-up 1 time events... we don't need extravagant graphics for something that is going to last a week, or only be seen by the player once) Edit: Although content being released has picked up in recent months, with promises to improve throughout the year.
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