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Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - Having An Average Weekend [Surf Rock] (1980's) Kids in the Hall theme song

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Does Zeppelin Hall feel different from Surf City despite the owner being the same?

First: I'm black. I have experienced differences in service between the two. Surf City very much feels like one of those places that profile guests. Like I can't wear a hat in, but a white guy can.
But I've never had any issues with Zeppelin. When we say the owners are the same, do we mean the actual restaurant management of both places? Or the person who owns the buildings?
It's difficult for me because I'm all for boycotting places but I have been to Zeppelin so many times and have never experienced any sort of discrimination. In fact, I've had positive experiences there, to the contrary.
I feel very conflicted as I really like Zeppelin... but I understand not wanting to put money possibly into the owner's owner pocket if they're spinning it around to support the practices of Surf City. Can someone buy out Zeppelin? That'd be awesome.
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