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What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is a marketing strategy businesses use to promote their products and services by partnering with popular social media influencers.
But what is an influencer, you might ask? Influencers are personalities with numerous and devoted following on one or multiple social media platforms. They are viewed as experts within a specific topic. With regular uploads of content within that topic, they earn trust from their followers. Their recommendations serve as a social proof of products or services that their audience, and therefore potential customers, might be interested in.

How can your company benefit from Influencer Marketing?

In 2019, the social media influencer industry reached a total worth of $8 billion. Numbers keep increasing year by year and by 2020 it is expected to reach $10 billion in worth.
There are multiple benefits you could get if you decide to invest in Influencer Marketing. The most significant profits are:
  • Reaching a bigger audience
  • Upturning number of leads
  • Growing your own social media following
  • Augmenting traffic on your website
  • Expanding sales
According to approximately 90% of marketers questioned in a survey, Influencer Marketing can create up to 11 times the ROI compared to traditional advertisement and the remaining 10% say it at least compares to it. As a consequence, most brands chose to create long lasting partnerships with their chosen influencers over settling for single promotions to keep their ROI high.
For consumers, Influencer Marketing comes across as more personal and truthful than regular ads.

What do you need to get started?

First of all, you need to create a strategy and define specific goals you want to achieve with this tool. Based on your strategy, you can evaluate the results and measure the success of your campaign once it has been out carried.
After you created the strategy and defined your goals, you need to decide which tools you are going to use. There are two categories:


There are uncountable social media platforms out there, so which one should you promote on?
When deciding which network to use, research where other brands within your sector promote and most importantly, where potential customers are most active. For example, image/video-friendly businesses like fashion and beauty companies lead Instagram and YouTube. For video games, Twitch is the right fit.
Do your research and find out which platform is best for your business. But before you start your promotion, make sure you are already present on said platform.


Within the category of influencers, there are different sorts of personalities. During the selection, you should always keep your goals in mind and chose based on them.

The main 3 types of influencers


Influencers with accounts that sum a following of 1k to 100k. Most may have just started with influencing.
Influencers within this category generally focus on only a few topics, if not even only one. This makes it seem like they got a solid knowledge within that topic. Therefore, their audience tends to believe what they say due to their image as specialists.
Engaged following
Their following is smaller than the next two categories but they are generally more invested. Thanks to the influencer’s expertise, followers are more likely to do whatever they say. This makes them perfect if your goal is to create action (sales).
Lower rates
Now depending on the influencer’s engagement, reach and following, the price for the partnership may vary. However, compared to the following categories it is quite affordable as they are also keen on building partnerships with brands.
Smaller audience
As stated above, they do have a smaller following and most of the time their audience has very specific interests. As a result, the reach will be pretty limited. Also keep in mind that a smaller audience means smaller chances to make sales.
Lack of brand awareness
Let’s say you run a successful campaign and you made a good amount of sales. The promotion might have increased the sales number for one of your products, but what about your brand? Do people recognize you?
Maybe the ones that ordered and if you are lucky, a handful of followers that saw the promoted post. But that is not enough to be recognised as a brand. In conclusion, the campaign might have brought you short-term sales growth but it did not have an impact long-term.
Fake followers
Take a closer look at Micro Influencers. There are a lot of cases, where they buy followers and engagement (mostly likes) so they can inflate their metrics. This is commonly the case when someone is trying to work with brands so they can earn “easy money” and are not really interested in building a real community.
It is difficult to see if followers were bought or not. Some details give it away, like loads of inactive followers without a profile picture. Another thing you can check are likes: if they have 50K followers but only get around 200 likes on each picture, something is off. But keep in mind that one can also buy likes! Check for huge inconsistency from post to post.


Influencers with accounts that sum a following of 100k to 1Mio.
Macro Influencers typically got their rise to fame online. Either by creating videos, blogs, sharing their knowledge about a topic with their audience and some mainly because their content is aesthetically pleasing and trendy. In this category, you will also find a lot of reality stars that kept their fame after the show.
Higher reach
Macro Influencers have a larger audience, making it possible to raise brand awareness and increase sales numbers. They are able to reach a much larger number of people at the same time with one single post. They will likely also offer a more diverse audience as they are not as specific and don’t lay their focus on only one topic.
Because these type of influencers are mostly managed by agencies, it makes it much easier to deal with them. The agency will provide you and the influencer the terms and conditions and whether they work for your brand or not, you accept or decline them. The treat is therefore much more professional.
Additionally, having these agencies involved makes life much easier for you as they will be checking up on the influencer and if they are doing their job appropriately so you do not have to worry about it at all.
Less risky
Macro Influencers are highly unlikely to have fake followers. Usually, because they are genuinely popular people. Lots are socialites, musicians, actors, and fashionistas who got their rise to fame online.
Lack of trust
Even though they have a huge following and people engage with their content, this does not translate into trust. The audience sometimes misses the personal angle and can notice pretty soon when a recommendation is staged and when the influencer actually really uses and enjoys the product or service.
Rates and accessibility
So handling with an influencer’s agency is more professional but if you are looking for a specific influencer who gets loads of offers, your demand could drown under the mass.
If you are lucky and your request gets accepted, the rate of a Macro Influencer is pretty high, not comparable to one of a Micro Influencer. So be aware of it when setting up your budget.
Make sure that you pick an Influencer that really fits in with your brand and your brand with theirs. If you do not, the ad will turn into irrelevant content and their audience will not be aware of your brand nor buy your products.


This category is not defined by the number of followers. But it does surpass the million.
Mega Influencers are celebrities that apart from their main profession (music, acting, sports etc.) also have a dedicated social media presence. However, they did not become famous because of social media but because they are famous, people follow them on social media. For example Kylie Jenner.
Massive audience creates brand awareness
There is no other way than hiring a Mega Influencer if you want to reach as many people as possible through social media. We are talking about millions of people that will see the endorsement and therefore hear about your brand. If you want to become a name, that is the way to go. Active followers will see your brand and recognize it immediately in the future.
Fans get attached to their favourite celebrity and generally trust them a lot. Seeing them attaching their name to your product or company, reassures them of the quality you offer. This is because a celebrity would not want to risk their reputation just to promote a bad product.
Access to new markets
If you are trying to expand, choosing an internationally well-known celebrity will open up the doors for you. Furthermore, if you are introducing a new service or product in a different field you have not been operating until now, choosing a celebrity that is well known within that market can help detach people from a certain image they have of your company.
Highest rates
Obviously, hiring someone from this category will cost your company a lot of money. For example, Kylie Jenner makes an average of over $1 Mio. per sponsored post!
If you are not a multi-billionaire company, you should really consider if the revenue is worth the expensive investment.
Scandals and reputation
When you hire a celebrity with a good reputation to endorse your brand, you want to benefit from their credibility and the sympathy people have for them. But because they are so famous, rumours about them spread instantly so they get involved in scandals pretty easily. If the situation is the scandal is really bad and people attach your brand to them, your company will suffer as well.
Overshadowing and Overexposed
Because promotions are a very lucrative job for celebs, they usually endorse multiple brands at once. As a result, their credibility can suffer and the public opinion will be negative. The audience will assume that they promote everything as long as they get good money for it.
If the celebs are very popular, they might even overshadow your ad. If it focuses more on the promoter than on the promoted product, people will remember the celeb using that kind of product but not the provider.



Influencer Marketing has now definitely settled as a marketing tool for every kind of company.
Your brand can obtain multiple benefits like brand awareness, reputation, grow your own online presence and of course, as a result, increase website traffic and sales.
To get the highest ROI possible, define your strategy and based on it, choose your network and influencer. Nevertheless, do not forget to consider the cons as well.

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Reminder on Rules and Existing Daily/Weekly Threads

With our surge of incoming users with all the Covid-19 self-isolation/self-quarantine/gym closures. I wanted to repost a reminder about rules and also have it visible for new visitors to the community.
Also, as a note, the mod team understands that it isvery difficult to get a doctor’s visit for anything non-emergency right now. That doesn’t mean this is the place to find those answers instead. People on the internet cannot diagnose or offer treatments. If you have a question about pain/injury that is sharp, persistent, and/or unknown, that post will be removed.
Additionally, here's the link for usual Cold WeatheWinter megathread or if you are in the southern hemisphere, the Heat, Humidity, Summer running thread.

For you new runners, please check out the info that is in the Wiki.

Here's the section in the Wiki for beginners (which can also apply to returning runners). This also has some good tips.
This resource is linked in the sidebatop menu and may have some info you can use as you get started (or back into) running.
Take some time to the search the sub and browse the daily Official Q&A thread and you will find plenty of tips for getting started/back.

Using running

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If you do make a stand-alone post, please include info relevant for the community to help. It is nearly impossible to offer any advice without sufficient background information. Items that could be relevant:
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  • Previous PRs
  • Other things you think might be helpful to include
Below are some of the reason a post would be considered low-quality, thus being removed and directed to the Daily Q&A thread:
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While there is some leeway on advice for rehabbing some common running injuries, this sub is not the place for a diagnosis, and especially not for advice on major injuries. If you are hurt or injured, find a medical professional with the proper credentials to help you. Not the internet.
There is a big difference between "Hey, my IT band is tight. Got any good stretches for it?" and "My shins hurt every time I run. If I run through the pain, will it turn into a stress fracture?" If your question involves sharp pains, unknown/vague pains, or injuries/problems that have stretched on for long periods of time, then it is a question for medical professional.
Also, your doctor not being familiar with running injuries is no excuse. Find a Sports Medicine doctor, Physical Therapist, or find another doctor.
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Example of a good lead in statement for an article thread.

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  • Weekly Training Thread (Sundays): This is where you will find posts on the training of your fellow runnitors for the week. Take a look at the various formats that are posted and feel free to post your own. It is also a great place to see what kind of training some of the more experienced runnitors are doing (though as mentioned, all are welcome to post). Please note that this is not an accomplishment thread.
  • Miscellaneous Monday General Chit-Chat (Mondays): A general discussion and chat not necessarily restricted to running topics, though running discussion is also welcome, including what you've read/watched/played/done over the weekend, where you ran, short race reports not worth full posts, and more.
  • Li'l Race Reports Thread (Mondays): This is a more recent addition to our recurring threads. It's for anyone and everyone to use who'd like to write up a short summary about a race or recent run they did. If you feel your report doesn't need a whole new post, then add it to the collection in the Li'l Race Reports Thread!
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  • Run Nutrition Tuesday (Tuesdays): Have a question about nutrition and how it affects running? Curious about miracle substances like caffeine or beet juice?! Ask about it here.
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  • Lurker's Wednesday (Wednesday): Would you rather not be a lurker? New to the community? Then introduce yourself in this thread! The LW thread is an invitation to get more involved with the /running community.
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  • Photo Friday (Fridays): This thread is for any of your running photos. It is a great to see all the different terrains people run in, as well as all those inspiring and hilarious race photos. Each week, the top three photos as upvoted by runnitors will be featured in the main post.
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Finally, there is a lot of info in the Wiki. Yes, some of it is from old posts. Yes, the layout is not the greatest. It is always a work in progress.
If you come across info that needs to be updated (or broken links), let us know. If you see a post that should be in there, let us know. If you see a lack of a helpful topic, let us know.

Thank you all for being a part of this community!

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