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Using KeyCode on KeyDown event

Wifi hack ipa site. Here's a quick look at exactly what Sticky Keys is, why you probably don't need it, and how you can turn this prompt off so that it never interrupts your. Certainly, I can't think of a good exception. Some background on this Javascript code My first programming language was Basic. If you press a function key while using an app and nothing happens, that usually indicates that the app does not have a function programmed for that key. Should be doable as I know exactly which key is on what location, for instance if the current line is the first one, and a key '3' has been pressed without shift, then I can send a 00010000 byte, the first bit being shift. Page 6 of 10 - Serial ( COM ) Port Console Script - posted in Scripts and Functions: hello everyone, I am just a mere student compared to all the geniuses on this forum like aobrein & trenton_xavier.


Please help with GetKeyState, state, Lshift - Ask for Help

The Javascript keydown, keypress, and keyup events specify which key (key code) was pressed and if any modifiers (shift, alt, ctrl) are pressed at the same time. How do I make the DS457, LIXXXX, MPXXXX, DSXXXX, MT20X0 or MSXXXX send an enter after bar code data? NonNumberEntered = True End If End If End If 'If shift key was pressed, it's not a number. How can I write an onclick handler that does one thing for regular clicks and a different thing for shift-clicks? Hey guy, what is the best way to detect if Control key, or Shift key is pressed, without my form is on focus. The following example determines whether you have pressed the Shift, Ctrl, or Alt key. Any key events that would normally fire for keys within a sequence will not fire if they are pressed within the context of that sequence.

JavaScript: Mouse events with Ctrl, Alt, Shift keys

Technologies Overview; HTML; CSS; JavaScript; Graphics; HTTP; APIs / DOM; Browser Extensions; MathML; References & Guides. It combines the Chromium engine and NodeJS into a Single Runtime. Hack for clash of clans iphone cheat. The problem very probably is caused by a corrupted serial number file. Altering The Script The script is written so that altering it is very easy without disrupting the remainder of the text. The alt key is buggy in my case (it is always pressed), but the ctrl and shift work ok. Note that the first time you press the ctrl or shift key, it will register it as main key and not yet as modifier. I discovered that even holding the shift key and clicking the shortcut, which actually runs a script first, still opens the database as if the skift key were depressed.


Zenith Radio Serial Number Registry and Zenith Product ID

Key value coding compliant objective c. 94fbr internet manager serial keygen torrent. Shift key pressed javascript. Afterfall insanity deutsch patch. Anti hack dota launcher. I mention this because I wonder whether this Javascript. That brings up a prompt asking whether you want to use 'sticky keys', in which you press shift once to enable shift mode, again to disable.

How to detect if a key is pressed in c# Code Example

Replay media catcher crack for windows. Now, of course, I could use the PageUp and PageDown keys for these functions, but - assuming a right-handed user moving the mouse with his right hand - that would. A common problem with the answers I see here is that if you hold a key down, then change tabs or change focus, let the key up, and then switch back, the code will believe the key is down until you press it again or move the mouse over the page. Beware that some keyboards won't register multiple keys beyond a certain number - people have had trouble. I thought it was some kind of default shortcut in displayfusion or something. Core feature of ag-Grid supporting Angular, React, Javascript and more. Flexisign windows 10 crack https://sa-mebel-ekanom.ru/forum/?download=1067.

How To Trigger Button Click on Enter
1 Determine Which Keyboard Modifier Key is Pressed Using 50%
2 [QTBUG-62591] WheelEvent not working with shift - Qt Bug 96%
3 Keyboard: keydown and keyup 100%
4 Creating Keyboard Shortcuts in JavaScript 29%
5 How to simulate a click with JavaScript? 14%
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KeyPressed() \ Language (API) \ Processing 3+

This will be a kind of service that starts only when a key is pressed using the keyboard (hard/soft), keep the service running till the keyboard (or the edit text box, in case of hard keyboard) is visible. Hack kamas dofus 2.13 music. Econtech javidic 2020 full crack idm. Some function keys have a symbol printed on the key in. Mean the same thing; for example, a lower case "w" and an upper case "W" have the same keyboard code, because the key that is pressed on the keyboard is the same (just "W" = the number "87"), but a different character code because the resulting character is different (either "w" or "W", which is "119" or "87") - See "More Examples" below to better understand. For example, pressing the Shift key will cause a KEY_PRESSED event with a VK_SHIFT keyCode, while pressing the 'a' key will result in a VK_A keyCode. JavaScript JavaScript Reference.


Maximize your codin speed with INTELLIJ IDEA

Maximize your codin speed with INTELLIJ IDEA

We all live in a time where everything needs to be fast, where productivity and efficiency is our first priority. In this article we will discuss how to crush it as a Java developer using IntelliJ IDEA as your main integrated development environment.
In the past few years this tool was highly updated and improved as Java versions were also launched more frequently. Because of that, if you just heard about it or you are already using it but didn’t have time to explore all it’s amazing features, then this post is for you.
Without further ado, these are the newest and must use features, shortcuts and plugins that you should know about in order to get the most of your time using this IDE. Note that what we’ll include here is available for both Community and Ultimate Edition of IntelliJIDEA.
I. Features and Integrations
a. Version Control
· For cloning Git/Mercurial/Subversion projects go to:
File -> New -> Get from Version Control
· For using other Git commands like push, pull, fetch, or for starting a new Pull request just choose option Git from the bar menu.
b. Automatic JDK Download
· If you need to download a new JDK for your project, just go to:
File -> Project Structure ->SDKs -> Download JDK
c. Code Vision
· A nice feature that allow you to see the number of usages and implementations of an element, enable it by going to: File -> Settings -> Inlay Hints -> Java ->Code Vision
d. Problems View
· Whenever you have a problem in your class, a red widget will appear at the top of your class name, displaying the number of related problems. Clicking on i it will open the Problems view where you can see all the problems in the project related to this issue.
e. Live Templates
· This allows you to only type certain keywords and then a piece of code is generated for you, some of the most common examples are:
sout, main, psvm, fori, ifn etc.
· In order to see all the available Live Templates, to update the existing ones, or to create a new one, just go to:
File -> Settings -> Editor-> Live Templates
f. Services window
· This is useful when trying to manage a service like Docker; we can create new containers from images, run containers, stop containers etc.
· It can be accessed by going to:
View -> Tool Windows ->Services
g. Dataflow analysis
· This feature gives you hints about the values that your variables or method calls will have in a future execution
· In order to see it in action use this shortcut on a method call:
SHIFT + CTRL + P (for Windows)
h. JShell Console
· You can easily test your Java code functionality by writing it down in this console, which can be accessed at: Tools-> JShell Console
i. Run commands using IDE
· If you want to run a command in the Terminal, but using IntelliJ’s features instead of the classic terminal one, just press:
CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER (for Windows)
We are just scratching the surface here, in order to take fully advantage of the tool, you can try following the “Tip of the day” window when you first launch IntelliJIDEA or install the IDE Features Trainer plugin.
I. Shortcuts
We all love shortcuts. They make our life easier and keep us productive when trying to access certain actions. We will shortlist the most important ones, which you should consider using in your daily workflow. For readability, we will only see the ones for Windows OS:
a. CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER: Complete current statement
b. ALT + J: Add selection for next occurrence
c. CTRL + SHIFT + UP/DOWN: Move statement up/down
d. CTRL + ALT + N: Inline variable
e. CTRL + ALB + B: Go to implementation
f. CTRL + K: Opens commit window
g. CTRL + ALT + M/ CTRL + ALT + V: Extract method / Extract variable
h. CTRL + ALT + RIGHT / CTRL + ALT + LEFT: Navigate Forward / Back
i. CTRL+ E: Opens Recent files window
j. SHIFT x 2: Search everywhere
k. CTRL + O / CTRL + I: Override/ Implement methods
l. ALT + 1: Opens up Project window
m. ALT + INSERT: Create new file
n. SHIFT + F6: Rename and refactor
o. ALT + ENTER: Show context actions
p. ALT + F12: Opens up Terminal window

For a full list of available shortcuts you can visit this link: https://resources.jetbrains.com/storage/products/intellij-idea/docs/IntelliJIDEA\_ReferenceCard.pdf
I. Relevant plugins:
a. Codota: Best AI code completion for Java and JavaScript
b. Rainbow Brackets: Helps for better code readability
c. Lombok: Offers support for Project Lombok
d. Key Promoter X: Helps you learn essential shortcuts of IntelliJ IDEA
e. Extra Icons: Adds icons for different file types
f. Kubernetes: Offers support for configuring Kubernetes
g. Presentation Assistant: Displays shortcuts that you use and a short description
h. IDE Features Trainer: Learn essentials features and shortcuts inside the IDE
For other useful plugins you can check out this website: https://mytrashcode.com/best-intellij-plugins
Although IDEs are just tools and improving your technical skills will also make you write code even faster, knowing your environment at best makes the whole development process much more enjoyable and efficient.
IntelliJ IDEA groups a lot of features in one place, helping you to keep focus and not being forced to switch between third party apps in order to execute certain actions.
Great tutorials on how to use all IntelliJ IDEA’s features can be found on their official YouTube channel, at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4ogdcPcIAOOMJktgBMhQnQ
submitted by Mindit_io to u/Mindit_io

Open Letter to Jonathan - Reddit Sticky, Easy Fixes, Audio Fix, 50 Flaws, Daily Builds, Video Preview and Call to Volunteers

Open Letter to Jonathan Thomas (OpenShot Creator & Lead Developer) Thursday 21st May 2020
Hi Jonathan,
Thank you for your free video editing software. I am a business and technology strategist, and after using OpenShot version 2.5.1 since my emailed suggestions in April, spending a month in the reddit forum, and the past 2 weeks repeating the same answers daily, may I recommend the following:
  1. Reddit Sticky
  2. Reddit Moderation
  3. Easy Fixes

1. Reddit Sticky
The same questions are repeated and answered daily, I posted the same ‘text’ answer 3 times in one day. I think the forum needs a ‘Read This Before Posting’ type sticky that includes the following:
  1. FAQ – Answers to common questions e.g. View, Text, Audio Crackling/Sync and Performance.
  2. Search – Detailed instructions on how to search OpenShot reddit and GitHub.
  3. Tutorials – Listed with others tutorial playlists linked until better longer tutorials are created using a script and explaining in detail critical points like Profiles and First-Frame/Keyframes.
  4. Guide – Currently short, swaps from glossing over to technical specifics, and you have said an expansion is overdue. Should be written to a novice audience, and the Call for Volunteers - github.com/OpenShot/openshot-qt/issues/2989 – WOT replaced with simple instructions.

2. Reddit Moderation
Unclear who the development and moderation teams are and the timeliness of listed information.
  1. Webpage – openshot.org/developers – lists Contributors to “OpenShot 1.x”.
  2. Reddit – Moderators – Their last posts were 3 months ago by Support mikelacsa, and 12 month ago by yourself jonOomph in a technical support capacity.
So now users volunteer our free time to repeatedly answer the same questions. The team could be active in the forum, to be made aware of these issues, and motivated to apply these suggestions.

3. Easy Fixes
In the 2.5 Release Notes comments you outlined version 3.0 - “Now my attention is turning towards OpenShot 3.0, and what I hope will be a huge UI overhaul (for the better). More modern UI, more updated look, and many new animation and keyframe related improvements”. Instead I recommend a version 2.6 is necessary first, to address the common complaints with the following easy fixes:
  1. Menu – Menu > View > Views could be changed to Windows Layouts.
  2. Tutorial – The View menu could be included in the Built-in Tutorial.

  1. Menu – Menu > Title could be changed to Titles and sub-menus, to match their dialog boxes.
  1. Tutorial – The Titles menu could be included in the Built-in Tutorial.

Additional enhancement suggestions:
  1. Text – 3 new simple Text titles could be added, with 4 Lines, and as currently all centred:
· Text (Left Justified)
· Text (Centred)
· Text (Right Justified)
  1. Function – Titles could be moved from the Menu into a new Project Files Titles function tab, with Titles listed before Animated Titles, and clicking them opens their respective dialog box.

  1. Right-click – The clip right-click Preset Menu list could be added to the Edit menu.
Edit and Right-click
Additional Preset Menu suggestions - Several already suggested with a focus on moving functionality away from the technical Properties window into the target markets acclaimed user-friendly interface:
  1. Animate – Could be given a new title to not be confused with all keyframe animations.
  2. Opacity – A common function, could be added with settings of 100%, 75%, 50% and 25%.
  3. Rotate – Flip Horizontally, another common function, could be added to Rotate options.
  4. Volume – Options to increase the volume (this may currently cause audio crackling issues).

Often complaints of poor performance, could implement the following Preferences suggestions:
  1. Preview – That is misleading, it is not a Preview but a Profile setting. Many forum posts and tutorials also recommend changing the Profile to a lower resolution, when if using a Scale of None that will create unforeseen results and you state “It is best practice to always switch to your target profile before you begin editing”. Instead could replace that with an actual Video Preview preview quality setting, offering Final (100%), High (75%), Good (50%) or Draft (25%).
  2. Performance – Hardware Acceleration complaints with Linux and still buggy and with limited support currently for Windows and Mac, and can only recommend they could all be fixed.
  3. Cache – Cache Limit’s small default of 250 is a reported cause and could consider options.

  1. Size – The large file size issues could be due to the high default Video Setting of 15 Mb/s Bit Rate for all profiles, hidden in the Advanced tab, and in what is unclear is a configurable tab.
Export - Video Settings
The Low/Med/High Bit Rates could instead be set according and suited to each Profile, e.g. QCIF 15 fps 176x144 does not need a 15.00 Mb/s Bit Rate. That Video Settings can still be used to set a preferred Bit Rate, and could include a User Guide explanation of how to Set custom Bitrate/Quality as default - github.com/OpenShot/openshot-qt/issues/3381.
  1. Sections – The Advanced tab also has the option to Export sections using Frames.
Export section
But with no obvious way to see frame numbers in Video Preview it was my first suggestion, with a proposed enhancement posted within the week – Add Timeline frame number display to Preview - github.com/OpenShot/openshot-qt/pull/3346, and until then I created a tutorial - reddit.com/OpenShot/comments/g32m05/exporting_sections_and_frame_numbers

In Conclusion
I like the simple interface, support FOSS and free causes, and hate waste, and have been compiling a Review & Recommendations report to volunteer my expertise since my first emailed suggestions a month ago. However, over that time I have discovered far more concerning and fundamental flaws:
  1. Mute & Visibility – A range of core functionality and cool effects were available a decade ago, e.g. muting tracks - openshot.org/blog/2009/05/05/50-posts-65-commits-and-1-yea - and chroma hold effect - openshot.org/blog/2010/09/21/its-about-time-openshot-121-released/.
  2. Align & Snap – The lack of the blue align line or snap when stretching core functionality was in my initial emails, since learnt of the “snapping is zoom dependant” bug, and issue between the resizing JavaScript and snapping Python code, but zoom is ok at lower levels, and a slice at the end a workaround - https://github.com/OpenShot/openshot-qt/issues/3443 - however found neither is the case. When zoomed in to level 1 two clips snapped together introduces a single frame overlap and slicing at the end suggested also introduces a single frame error.
  3. Broken Fade Transition – Another email concern and not a recent discovery but a supporting forum post - reddit.com/OpenShot/comments/gggwkx/how_to_fade_out_images_and_titles – and included here as this is a foundation element of video editing.
I understand is a small FOSS team, but I find it difficult to reconcile these core video editing issues, the simple fixes outlined, the many interface and other issues emailed, the still compiling and yet to be presented issues, and the regular GitHub bugs, with OpenShot’s 11 years of development.
Is not within the scope of this letter, but I suspect better project management is needed, when many GitHub threads are confused about the code, the different systems, and often find more bugs.
This recent post - reddit.com/OpenShot/comments/gd11idear_open_shot_community – raises a concern for new novice users who appreciating the “award winning” simple and easy to use interface then donate money when may be unaware of its flaws. After 11 years - openshot.org/donations - I think you really do owe everyone that huge 3.0 overhaul, and maybe an interim 2.6 built with these quick easy fixes to help inform new users and stop wasting volunteers time in the forum.

Update – Daily Builds – Audio Fix – Version 2.6
I updated the letter, conclusion and made these following additions considering recent posts and events, the main discovery that recent Daily Builds may have fixed the audio crackling previously a key section.
A recent spate of odd behaviours mentions Daily Builds and are being suggested to fix audio issues. Last week I tested a Daily Build, and when stretching a jpg image it shrunk to nothing. I tested the next release, and the latest 64-bit May 11, 2020, 7:12 a.m. release, and both have this issue. Posted here - reddit.com/OpenShot/comments/gfwl57/why_are_the_jpg_files_that_i_have_uploaded_being/.
Daily Build - Image Stretch
I did however load my problematic project in the latest build and audio crackling is gone! Awesome! That is a big one, but that accompanying new error supports my development concern and need for oversight and thorough testing. I would recommend suspending Daily Builds until a 2.6 is built.
13th May 2020 - Audio fix verified - github.com/OpenShot/openshot-qt/issues/1069 – “the fix available for daily builds, the v2.5.1 has no this fix included”. This urgent audio fix could be announced, but it can’t be because that Daily is unusable, add or slice and random clips move across different tracks of their own accord, and with increasing odd behaviour errors reported, I think you could suspend Daily’s until 2.6.

Version 2.6
Now the audio is fixed and combined with these recommendations would make an excellent interim 2.6, and below are more enhancement suggestions built upon their possible implementation:
  1. New Project – With performance improved by a Preview Quality setting, when creating a new project could ask to set your profile before you begin editing as you have recommended.
  2. Frames & Sections – With frame in the Video Preview could add new frame stepping buttons:
Video Preview with frame number and frame stepping buttons
  1. Effects – If is possible to bring back some of the old effects like Cartoon, Charcoal, Chroma Hold, and Old Film, then could maybe add some new ones like Mirror, Timecode and TV.
  2. Audio Only – With the audio fixed could now export Audio Only into audio formats e.g. mp3.
  3. Daily Tips – If the Built-in Tutorial is expanded could add a daily tip e.g. the Previous/Next Marker jump to the start and end of clips you designed, and this would be opt-out.
All this combined could make an excellent 2.6, and a better managed approach is why I have not added all this individually to GitHub. OpenShot has incredible potential but there is serious work ahead. I will happily beta test an interim 2.6 and provide whatever assistance I can in building 3.0.

Cheers, Andrew Bullen B.Bus

15th May 2020 – Urgent Update – Daily Build Details – 50 Basic Flaws – Reviews – Donations
Two recent discoveries are causes for alarm:
1. Ctrl Fault – Along with other users I have found that the Ctrl-clicking behaves strangely, and just learnt its deselect is broken too - github.com/OpenShot/openshot-qt/pull/3317 - with this comment:
“That file is such a formatting nightmare, it feels like every answer to that question will be wrong. We should really settle on a set of basic repo standards and define them in an .editorconfig.”
I think this reinforces a need for better project management.
2. Latest Daily Build Faults – After the jpg test fail, I added clips with disastrous results, detailed below:
[Images removed due to reddit 20 image limit]
  1. Adding a track failed, not allowed to move past align line, had to move Vid-1 and then could move.
  2. So now had all 4 files in place and ready to test.
  3. Saved the project to easily repeat the steps, opened the project and it looked like this
  4. So started fresh, avoided the align line bug, now have 4 tracks again and performed a right slice.
  5. This was the result.
  6. Undo performed, and another issue not a single undo but 3 undo’s 1 for each event, the result.
  7. Removed and reset everything again, even Playhead at the same point, and repeated the slice.
  8. A different result.
  9. And repeated the undo, another different result with clips vid-3 and Vid-4 in different positions.
Fade Transition
Trying to replicate the fade transition I found it is broken now, moving either clip slides under the other and the transition is hidden behind them, so I cannot move the Playhead along the transition to show the immediate opacity change from 100% to 0% on the last frame of the transition.
[Image removed due to reddit 20 image limit]

Add Track Button – The green Add Track + button does not work. I did not test any further.

Full-Time Development
OpenShot 2.4.4 Released - March 20 2019 - openshot.org/blog/2019/03/20/ - “After giving more than 10 years of my life to this project and this community, I am finally working full-time on OpenShot. … It felt great to actually see the validation of why a more rigorous testing plan is necessary.”
I understand Daily Builds may not pass through the same testing regime, but a rigorous testing plan that does not detect the simpler errors so far or the 50 Basic Flaws in the next section is a concern.
Plus while updating - openshot.org/developers/ - that build has stood for 4 days (AWST).
May 11, 2020 7:12 a.m. Daily Build
Curious why the major GitHub contributor Frank Dana (ferdnyc) - github.com/ferdnyc - is not listed in the team, but it is very welcome news to see a new forum support member and Matt is excellent.

50 Basic Flaws
This is a list of 50 basic flaws encountered using the main interface and basic operation of OpenShot version 2.5.1. This does not cover any advanced editing such as keyframing and animations, nor the Properties, Effects or Transitions windows. This is followed by an expansion of the Ctrl-click errors.
  1. Windows – Config folder .openshot_qt in root instead of AppData\Local\ folder
  2. View Freeze – Does not freeze the windows in place, but locks them in place
  3. Profile – Not asked to select project profile for new project
  4. FPS – Not shown in list summary for all Profiles
  5. Import - Dragging media files are sorted based on the media file clicked on to drag
  6. Sort – Media cannot be sorted in the Project Files, e.g. by clicking the column heading.
  7. Sort on Restart – After restart, the Project Files remain out of alphabetical order
  8. Thumbnails – Built from first frame, if black then no thumbnail, other Apps seek ahead
  9. Shift-click – Works to select multiple files in Project Files, does not work on the Timeline
  10. Audio – Some audio files are imported as video files, and severely impacts performance
  11. Image Sequence – If click No must click through every image, if click Yes OpenShot crashes
  12. Image on Timeline – Images cannot be stretched to the left
  13. Name change – In the Project Files, but uses original filename on Timeline
  14. Split – Split clip name in the Project Files, but uses original filename on Timeline
  15. Timeline – Unused track and clips look similar, confusing when zoomed, in No Theme too
  16. Timeline Trimmed – End space created by edits and now unused is not trimmed
  17. Tracks - openshot.org/features - “Tracks can also be moved up, down” - they cannot
  18. Drag – Dragging multiple clips to the Timeline it only accepts 1 clip.
  19. Undo Drag 1 – Undo drag to timeline takes 2 undo’s, 1) moves to top track, 2) removes it
  20. Undo Drag 2 – Sometimes it instead moves it to the track below in step 1
  21. Undo Drag 3 – Sometimes it refuses to undo at all, and the clip does not move
  22. Moving – Big distance clip move rejected, more than once, must repeat in smaller moves
  23. Alignment – Even after snapped with blue line do not align completely with pixel differences
  24. Alignment – Sometimes blue line / snap visible gap to edge, after zoom is gone, and aligned
  25. Overlap Zoom 1 Second – Clips snapping together overlap 1 frame
  26. Overlap Zoom 7200 Seconds – As above, results ranged from 4 to 21 frames
  27. Selected – In some actions when right-clicking the previous clip is left still selected
  28. Transition – Fade transition does not fade out (Have not checked other 400)
  29. Transition – When drag preferred down over existing, it does not change just adds it on top
  30. Mouse scroll – Keyboard shortcut to switch from zoom to up down track has been removed
  31. Razor tool – No keyboard button shortcut, the Snapping button beside it does have one
  32. Slice – Select clips on multiple tracks and select slice it only slices the clip you clicked on
  33. Undo Slice Both Sides – 3 undo’s: 1) restores left piece, 2) unknown, 3) right piece removed
  34. Undo – Reinstates each event, 10 clips removed with 1 click takes 10 undo’s to correct
  35. Stretching align – No aligning blue line
  36. Stretching snap – No snap
  37. Stretching transition – No transition, stretched clip goes underneath and none created
  38. Transform – Blue dot corner points do not maintain aspect ratio, nor when holding Shift key
  39. Audio Separate – Multiples Channels – As channels 1 & 2, not left & right and cannot rename
  40. Audio Volume Increase – Not offered in right-click Preset Menu
  41. Audio Volume Decrease – Once set is not highlighted in Preset Menu so unsure of setting
  42. Effects – Drag Onto – Does not open the Properties window
  43. Effects – Icon Left Click – Does not open the Properties window
  44. Help – Dialog boxes question mark help icon does not work
  45. Title – Font size does not work
  46. Rewind – Key press does not work, plays and must be pressed again to rewind
  47. Frame – No timeline or preview window frame number for exporting based on frames
  48. Preview File – Does have the frame number, but for that individual video
  49. Export Audio Only – Output is a video file with audio only
  50. Audio Crackling – In exported files

Multiple selections (CTRL + Mouse) not working - github.com/OpenShot/openshot-qt/issues/762
Expansion of that error. Demonstration requires setting up 3 small clips on a track.
Mouse - Select them all using the mouse:
  1. Press the delete key - they will all be removed.
  2. Right-click on any clip and select Remove Clip - they will all be removed.
Ctrl-click - Select each clip with Ctrl-click:
  1. Press the delete key - only one clip will be removed, the last clip ctrl-clicked on.
  2. Right-click on any clip and select Remove Clip:
- If you right-click on the last clip ctrl-clicked just it will be removed.
- If you right-click on another then both it and the last clip ctrl-clicked will be removed.
This flaw also applies when copying and then pasting clips or pasting effects and keyframes.
Ctrl-A works, and selects them all, for delete key, and above pasting. But not for right-click Remove Clips, as that only selects Clips or Transitions and deselects all the other type previously selected.

Two Painful but I think Necessary Reviews
2.5 Years Ago – An Honest Review Of OpenShot Video Editor - youtube.com/watch?v=YCKKyqQPkqQ
This was one of the first reviews I found and thought it was the result of a recent windows porting but found the Kickstarter referenced for Windows development was launched in March 2013.
Walter M replying to OMG Offers - “I had the same issues as the guy in this video with an i7 quad core with 32gigs of RAM and two NVIDIA 970s in SLI, also with SSDs. OpenShot IMO as a software dev is the worst public release I've seen in my 14 years in the IT field. I'll tell you this, if I released something this buggy at work I'd be fired. The UI looks nice but my gawd the program crashes constantly and has more bugs than a Brazilian rain forest. The worst part of it all is the dev/devs who started this back in 2009 did a kickstarter at some point and basically scammed people out of money. It is 2018 and still as buggy as ever. These guys should be ashamed of themselves.”
6 months ago – ferdnyc - github.com/OpenShot/openshot-qt/issues/221
Again, reading GitHub threads there is often developer confusion and comments like this one.
“If I had my way we wouldn't even bother with all of this terrible code just trying to tease arbitrary sets of filenames out of a directory full of random who-knows-what.” and “(And despite the horrible method the current code uses for doing this, if you have a complete list of the filenames, generating the prefix is actually really easy. All you need is the filename from each end of the list.”

Audio crackling is a constant complaint, and one I found too when adding an mp3 track to 2 video clips, and repeated my steps in Shotcut, VSDC, and Sony Vegas without the issue. You acknowledged the fault - reddit.com/OpenShot/comments/ay125z/audio_issues_on_exports/ - with workarounds that “will remove crackles for the most part” but that didn’t solve the issue for the user back then.
The “award winning” refers mostly to awards won nearly a decade ago - openshot.org/awards/.
May I suggest you could perhaps be very considerate of your target market of inexperienced video editors when offering them an “easy to use, quick to learn” product that under the surface is quite flawed, as this letter shows, including a known audio issue that can effectively render it unusable, and while still claiming it is “award winning” from many years ago, when asking them for money.

With these latest revelations I would recommend you could:
  1. Withdraw this latest Daily Build and fix the jpg issue in a previous working Daily Build.
  2. Announce that build as the audio fix in the Forum and on the website Downloads page.
  3. Suspend all Donations and Daily Builds until an Interim 2.6 is built.
An Interim 2.6 could also include all the initial easy fixes and additional enhancements, fixing the Ctrl-click issues and the bulk of the 50 basic flaws except where they form part of the new 3.0 UI e.g. the timeline track themes and colours.
I will happily thoroughly beta test an Interim 2.6 for you.

16th May 2020 - Latest Build Is Worse - Reddit Sticky
3 new Daily Builds. I was already concerned they are often released within minutes of each other.
May 15, 2020 9:15 a.m. Daily Build
I think that concern was justified as this is worse, the slice appeared to be fixed at first glance, but did not take much further testing for it to fail, but is even worse, this build has added even more erratic behaviour, removed functionality, and now zoom causes clips to move of their own accord.
[Images removed due to reddit 20 image limit]
  1. After the same issues aligning tracks finally got 4 in a row and were zoomed at 15 seconds.
  2. Clicked the zoom button to step to 5 seconds to replicate previous build test, this was the result.
  3. The transition is still broken, but now adds them to saved projects e.g. that 4 track above saved.
  4. and to slices e.g. 3 tracks of clips all aligned to start on the first frame, with a slice of both sides.
  5. Odd behaviour and functionality removed, empty space blue align line, and no Thumbnail View.
However , the Ctrl+Shift+D keyboard shortcut works. This is just as small sample of the erratic behaviour encountered when simply adding and slicing tracks. Again, I did not test any further.

Reddit Sticky
New sticky - reddit.com/OpenShot/comments/gkgf71/tips_for_getting_you_openshot_assistance/ - is excellent, and as suggested this is very much needed, but some quick feedback follows:
  1. Point 4 – “First step, check here to see if it's covered in our user guide .. If it is not or you can't find it, no problem. You can ask for help here by doing the following.” – Leaves out the 3 other possible first steps I suggested – FAQ, Search Reddit and GitHub, and the Tutorials.
  2. Point 1 – “wait a few hours, then try again with a FRESH copy of the installer.” – Daily Builds?
  3. Point 3 – “unleash the graphics card power” – Linux primarily offering Hardware Acceleration makes that an issue - reddit.com/OpenShot/comments/gl0p72/hardware_decoder_mode/
Also Matt is posting the potentially export altering profile change ‘fix’ - “try reducing the resolution of the project for editing purposes” - reddit.com/OpenShot/comments/gk51up/video_laggy/.

17th May 2020 – Latest Build – Call for Volunteers
With 3 new Daily Builds and hoping for fixes I tested the May 16, 2020, 11:36 a.m. to find everything still broken, with the next marker for keyframes navigation added on the 15th close with the Playhead movements accurate but sometimes not clip aligned. An addition I found checking the Changelog.
Changelog 2020-05-16
I understand Daily Builds may offer the latest and therefore possibly unstable features, but these last few builds look like failed tests that impacted large parts of the software being released to the public. I have to say I think cowboy coding is an issue. It might explain some of the issues in this letter, why there appears to be minimal structure or standards, perhaps why it won awards when developed by a small team, but compounds everything as OpenShot has grown bigger and more open source.
Or maybe it is just Windows. But I checked the May 11, 7:12am Build again and found the Thumbnail View, keyframes, and standard next marker jumps were broken, and I think the Changelog shows on top of that build you then merged the keyframe_navigation_as_marker pull request, when:
  1. Audio Crackling – An issue for 4 years - github.com/OpenShot/openshot-qt/issues/167
  2. 3.0 UI – Keyframes and navigation are slated as part of an upcoming complete UI overhaul
The marker keyframe navigation is cool, and maybe all this has a bigger picture explanation, but I do find it concerning when a long overdue, urgent and available audio fixes official release is needed.

Considering these recent discoveries, may I suggest you could:
  1. Focus all development on a version 2.6 that fixes the audio
  2. Have that audio fix thoroughly tested, perhaps by a few respected users too
  3. Once it has their seals of approval make it public
Then could restart development and maybe could consider my suggestions in a 2.6.1.

Call for Volunteers
Just saw the call - facebook.com/openshot/posts/10158037924737870 – and there is great potential for OpenShot and think I could really help and would be interested in joining the team.

19th May 2020 – Video Preview Tutorial
Matt has just uploaded a tutorial - How To Fix Stuttering Video Preview OpenShot - reddit.com/OpenShot/comments/gmi93p/how_to_fix_stuttering_video_preview_openshot/
I found the following two issues:
1. Scale Property of None
This is a big concern. As have explained if using the Scale Property of None and then changing back to the preferred resolution it may change the video layout and this ‘fix’ should not be recommended. Instead the Preferences > Preview could be changed to offer an actual preview quality setting.
Matt said, “I promise you it will not affect the performance or the outcome of your produced video.”, but in my experience with 2.5.1 it does affect the outcome of my produced video. My understanding is that neither the Project nor Export Rendering are scaled to suit a chosen different Profile like other video editors. Instead it is simply put in the chosen Profile, and so depending on how the clips were positioned relatively in their prior Profile their position may change. I asked about this in my emails. The Video Preview does not offer a kind of ‘applies-to-all’ editing but is tied to the current Profile.
To demonstrate this, I used the following 2 profiles that are identical except for their resolution:
2 profiles that are identical except for their resolution
I started the project with the 720p 29.97 fps profile, and imported this YouTube video – The Basics (Part 2) | OpenShot Video Editor Tutorial - youtube.com/watch?v=6PA98QL9tkw - after it had been converted using Handbrake to a constant 29.97 fps to ensure identical statistics.
atest video with a constant 29.97 fps to ensure identical statistics
I used 2 tracks with the same clip on both, but sliced in different places to easily identify each clip –Track 2 – Slice Keep Right Side at 00:05:40:01 & Track 1 – Slice Keep Right Side at 00:04:00:01 – and then only moved the clips using the Location X Property and swapped between the 2 profiles.
  1. Both clips Scale Property set to Best Fit.
Both clips Scale Property set to Best Fit
  1. The top Track 2 clips Scale Property set to None.
The top Track 2 clips Scale Property set to None
  1. Both clips Scale Property set to None and Location X -/+ 0.26 respectively to leave a small gap.
Both clips Scale Property set to None and Location X -/+ 0.26 to leave a small gap
  1. Changed the Profile to 480p and can see the layout changed and now they overlap.
Changed the Profile to 480p and can see the layout changed and now they overlap
  1. Adjusted the Location X Property again this time -/+ 0.38 to recreate the gap in between.
Adjusted the Location X Property again this time -/+ 0.38 to recreate the gap in between
  1. Changing back to the 720p Profile or Exporting to the 720p Profile both produced this video.
Changing to the 720p Profile or Exporting to the 720p Profile both produced this video
  1. The same applies if increase the Profile resolution, same as before, 720p with a small gap.
Same applies if increase the Profile resolution, same as before, 720p with a small gap
  1. Changed the Profile to 1080p and the layout changed, and differently, and are now far apart.
Changed the Profile to 1080p and the layout changed, differently, and are now far apart
I wanted to include a full demonstration of my concerns with profile changing, as I had seen that recommended in many other posts and tutorials too, and I hope that my understanding is correct. As you say here - https://cdn.openshot.org/static/files/user-guide/profiles.html#project-profile - “The project profile is used when previewing your project and editing. The default project profile is “HD 720p 24fps”. It is best practice to always switch to your target profile before you begin editing. For example, if you are targeting 1080p 30fps, switch to that profile before you begin editing your project.” and that could be moved from the end of the User Guide to the beginning. That quote was one of the first things I added to my reddit forum OpenShot signature.
The Video Preview window could include the preview quality setting. I just copied the frame box but could be handy to change it easily using the Up or Down buttons, and balanced it out with an icon to open Video Preview full screen in a second monitor, and rearranged the buttons to centre Play.
Video Preview window with preview quality setting
2. Vimeo
The video is uploaded to Matt’s Vimeo account, instead of the OpenShot YouTube account. I read reddit does not allow embedding YouTubes but a single location for all tutorials could be better.
Some quick YouTube suggestions:
  1. User – Could move to an official OpenShot channel instead of JonOomph. If openshot cannot be acquired under trademark infringement - support.google.com/youtube/answe6154218 - then could use something similar e.g. OpenShotVideoEditor.
  2. About – Could change the web address and add Social Media links to display in the header.
  3. Channels – Could include other sites that help e.g. Geekoutdoors and Sk WebStudio.
  4. Introduction – Could add an introductory video and text blurb.
  5. Network – Could link with other great like-minded YouTube channels, e.g. Film Riot is great but does focus on professional movie making and Adobe products Premiere Pro and After Effects. Could find other cool video editing channels that are more suited to new users.
  6. Tutorials – Could create new tutorials like Sk WebStudio that demonstrate what OpenShot is easily capable of when combining editing, effects, and other free software too. This one is brilliant and really opened my eyes to opportunities - Character introduction freeze effect - youtube.com/watch?v=QsvrAMtYrh8 – and an opportunity to teach how to use Inkscape.

Latest Daily Build
May 20, 2020, 3 p.m. – Checked this latest Daily Build and the add track button, adding clips, moving clips, slicing clips, and creating transitions are all still broken.

I hope this helps and I look forward to talking to you soon.
Cheers, Andrew

Address List for open discussion:
All openshot.org/developers/ have been emailed the complete PDF
OpenShot Team
Respected OpenShot redditors
--------------------------------------------- OpenShot Tips Project Profile - The default project profile is “HD 720p 24fps”. It is best practice to always switch to your target profile before you begin editing. For example, if you are targeting 1080p 30fps, switch to that profile before you begin editing your project. To switch use Menu > File > Choose Profile. Clip Properties - A clips properties are set in its first frame, otherwise you will create a keyframe, you can quickly move the Playhead there using the Previous or Next Marker orange arrows above the Timeline or the Ctrl + Left or Right arrow keys. Tutorial - How to Export Small Sections or Ranges of Your Project
OpenShot Tutorials Teacher's Tech - Great Introductory 30 Minute Guide OpenShot - Watch Tutorial Videos Geekoutdoors - Excellent Tutorial Series Sk Webstudio - Includes Cool Effects Tutorials
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