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After four days on the new client, I found about 50 bugs and 40 other flaws (Screenshots included)

Hey! I am Naerlyn/Nightwind42, the one who finds very impactful bugs on Mordekaiser, who showed that Mordekaiser's list of bugs was bigger than the amount of characters allowed by Reddit and who messes up Reddit titles by saying that NV stands for NaVi. I used to be an alpha tester of the new client, but as this client is now the official and only one available and as I grew tired of losing too many ranked 3v3s in masters, here is a list of all the current bugs that I've found since the removal of the legacy client in Europe. The list is currently at 58 bugs and 42 other issues. Enjoy!
(Note: I also submitted every single of these bugs with the "Report a bug" button.)
  • Bugs
Launching the client (1)
- When you close the client in the login screen and want to re-open it quickly before the process has really been ended, the client won't launch, but also won't display the pop-up reading that another instance was still running.
- Whenever I open the client (with the updated client icon), I get the champion select background for one second before actually landing on the login screen. Screenshot Intended!
Login screen (2)
- The login music doesn't stop when the client is minimized. It used to keep playing when you'd put the client on the background, and to stop when you minimize it.
- Liq... cough Upon logging in, there is very often a login queue of one person being displayed. Screenshot
Landing screen (5)
- The client can still be very slow, even given that I have a computer that won't make me go below 100 FPS while the game s in maximum details, 2560x1440 resolution and with Skype, Discord, a browser with Youtube being used and one or two other softwares. By very slow, I mean almost not answering for a full five seconds after a ban is issued in a draft champ select.
- For some people, after receiving a gift, the notification of receiving a present will show up after every single login, as a solely visual bug. Screenshots
- For some people, playing a game reduces the client's size, and trying to change it back afterwards will only increase the size of the contents goes up, making them larger than the client, with the only workaround being to restart the client. Normal size / Reduced size after a game / Reduced size with larger content
- Many people have their client sounds messed up (distorted?) after a couple of games.
- Someone's client once turned into this.
Ranked (1)
- The rectangle for the lowest person of a league is cut by the bottom of the client. Screenshot
Match history (1)
- In the Overview tab of the match history, for the Champion gold, you cannot see which line goes for which champion, even if you hover over it. Screenshot
Collection (1)
- Clarity has an incorrect cooldown (240 instead of 180). Screenshot Bamboozled, it's the correct one.
- Teleport doesn't have its cooldown shown in the summoner spells description. Screenshot
Loot (3)
- The "Loot" tab sometimes won't load at all and will force you click elsewhere and then go back on it.
- [Crash] There is an issue with crafting champion shards, that makes your client crash upon doing so.
- Sometimes, every single icon becomes all blue, preventing from seeing what it is, until the client is restarted.
Clubs (8)
- Sometimes, a sound is played when someone in one of your clubs logs off. But sometimes only. And that sound, similar to a message's, is pretty annoying.
- I had a club message give me a taskbar notification. Also, I know that it wasn't just my imagination or a coincidence, because at the same time a friend from my club got the same thing. Edit: That's actually happened about a dozen of times to me now.
- Upon logging in, I could only see 38 of the new messages in my club, while there was more written in my absence. It should be 50! (Note: My three clubs had a total of exactly 100 new messages at that moment, so that perhaps played a role into it. 100 is an oddly round number...)
- Friends connected from mobile are not counted among the online buddies in your friends list, but in your clubs, they are.
- Some people can have 4 different clubs. Screenshot (At some point earlier, using the new client would automatically accept all of your pending club invitations. And now, some people have four clubs... or more.)
- If you invite someone to a club, they'll keep being shown as "Pending" even after accepting, unless you restart your client.
- If a club member nominates people to the club just after accepting the invite, he'll have a confirmation that he did nominate them, yet nothing will appear for the club leader if he hadn't disconnected in the meantime. If the club leader kicks the member (who is still shown as pending, so if he kicks him by pressing "cancel" on his invitation), then the nominations will show up.
- Sometimes, nominations don't give any notification to the club leader. So he can only know about those if he clicks on "View club".
Champion details (0)
- Nothing here but some things that I find really inaccurate. I've mentioned them in the second section!
Store (1)
- The store goes all black for a second every time you click on a new tab, while the "Featured/Champions/Skins/Gameplay/Accessories/Bundles" tabs could stay. Screenshot
Friends list (18)
  • Invitations
- [Important] Many pending invitations go nameless after some time. That "sometimes" can go between minutes and... a second. Screenshot
- I don't know what led up to this. But you have a screenshot. Screenshot
- [Important] If two people from the same lobby invite you to one game, the invitation will only read the name of one of these people, instead of both names like in the old client. That honestly sucks a lot.
  • Status
- You can't invite someone who cancelled a queue. They're shown with a blue status, reading "Creating [...] Game".
- Also other issues with people randomly having the wrong status.
- When someone's away and creates a game, the "Creating [...] Game" appears in green, not gray. Screenshot
- Playing a game after being "Away" sets you back as "Online".
- The 3v3 map is called "The Twisted Treeline" in the friends list, despite being referred to as "Twisted Treeline" upon creating a game. Screenshot
- There's a trick to mess up the status message. Screenshot
- While you're ingame, your friends' status don't update frequently. For example, I was playing with some friends, and they were shown as being in champ select during our loading screen and at the beginning of the game (I stopped looking afterwards).
  • Groups
- The groups can switch places by themselves, sometimes under some circumstances, sometimes just like that.
- I couldn't rename one of my groups. Pressing enter didn't work, even after trying repeatedly and waiting a good five seconds.
- I cannot see the size or the amount of online people in one of my groups, because the name is too long and hovering over the group doesn't do anything. I had to rename the group because of it. Screenshot
  • Others
- When you want to add a friend while your list is full, it will tell you that you can't have more than 300 friends. It's false, you can have up to 325. Screenshot
- The research is very weird. I just typed three random letters, and a name popped up without any of those letters. Screenshot
- When you hover over an offline friend, it takes half a second to show their rank. It shows as follow, in a quick succession: nothing - level 30 - normal rank (Yes, I did struggle to take the second screenshot).
- If you click "Nominate to club" instead of hovering it, the menu will disappear, but the list of available clubs will still be shown. Hanging there, in the midst of nowhere. That's the only part of the menu that will still be displayed. So you'll have your club names hanging there (Same thing happens if you click "Move" or "Invite to club", with their respective options). Screenshot
- If you put your client about 3 centimeters away from the right side of your screen, right-click on a friend and hover "Move", two different things can happen. If you dragged your mouse from the top or the bottom of the options to the "Move" button, your list of groups will appear on the left of the first menu, like this. However, if you dragged your mouse from the left to the "Move" option, then the list of groups will appear on the right of the menu, and will be half hidden by the edge of your screen. Like this. The very same thing happens with the options to "Invite to club" or to "Nominate to club".
Chat (7)
- [Important] When the popped out chat is too big, you can't reduce it back (the size button is out of screen) or have access to the pop in button. Yes, that means that you can't reduce the chat size ever again, until this gets fixed. Screenshot (top right)
- [Important] When the pop out chat is too big, you can't even chat properly or see your own messages. Same screenshot (bottom right)
- [Important] If the popped out chat takes the entire screen (like this) but isn't the focussed window, clicking the Chat icon on the client will only make it the focussed window, instead of opening the normal chat box. If the popped out chat only reaches slightly below the top of the screen (like that), that won't happen. The second part of that report doesn't work for everybody. It means that for some people, no matter what they do, clicking the chat icon will only open the pop out and they won't ever be able to have access to the normal chat box. Now go back to the previous bug to see how that's a real issue.
- Links in chat can't be clicked, while there's an option to "Warn Me When I Click A Link In Park Chat".
- Some short messages are displayed in two lines while longer messages fit in one. Screenshot
- The chats sometimes only show empty bubbles, without the text they'd contained. Or maybe that's just some overzealous language filter :p Screenshots 1 / 2
- Sometimes you cannot uncheck said language filter.
Party formation screen (4)
- My "Naërlyn" account is shown as being platinum 5 in the lobby a custom game. The account is plat 5 in 3v3 and plat 2 in 5v5, and it should use the higher of the two. Screenshot
- You can only grant invitation rights in a custom lobby, and not the owning of a room.
- Upon entering a party after being invited, everything but the chat took a good 30 seconds to load. That happened several times in a row, and happened again after restarting my client. Screenshot
- If you invite someone for a ranked through the suggested people and if that person happens not to meet the rank requirements, the person will disappear from the suggested list without popping up the message telling you that the rank difference is too big (Nothing will happen, the name will just disappear and that's it).
Champion select screen (2)
- If you try to pick a champion when it's not your time to do so, the game displays "There was a problem selecting your champion. Please try again" - which isn't suited.
- The champ select music doesn't stop when the client is minimized. It used to keep playing when you'd put the client on the background, and to stop when you minimize it. And yes, I only changed two words between this bug and the one with the login screen music.
In-game (3)
- When the loading screen appears, the player doesn't have the game as their active window (I have the game in borderless).
- Many people have an issue where the client pops up and/or minimizes the game for no reason when they're playing, more or less often (Also happens while playing other games).
- Some people get a bugsplat whenever they try to alt-tab in the loading screen. Pending for details, but I suspect they're playing in Full Screen and not Borderless.
Other (1)
- There is a LeagueClientOptIn line in the game files and it doesn't do anything anymore.
  • Other issues
Landing screen (2)
- It could be handy to have an option to adjust the client to the screen. I have a smaller screen on which the client takes exactly the width of the screen, but if I happen to just mistakenly slightly drag the client around, I'm gonna have a hard time putting it back to normal without having one unused column of pixels on the left or on the right.
- The notifications when someone dodges or doesn't accept the queue cover the Store button, and cannot be removed manually.
Profile (7)
- You can't see your own ranked losses. Anywhere. It's sad to have to go on a website to know the most basic statistics about yourself, like what winrate you have or how many games you've played. Screenshot
- You can't see your normal games stats anymore, either. Or those of the others.
- You also don't have access to the detailed ranked stats anymore - champions played, how many games or wins on each, KDA, and so on.
- And lastly, you have no way to see any stats from the previous seasons, all of this being only accessible on unofficial websites.
- Only three champions are shown on the profile of the players, but being able to know the top 8 masteries (or up to 11 when they have three champions to level 7) of someone was way more convenient.
- You can't see the amount of points that you (or anyone) have on your top 3 level 7 champions without hovering over them, unlike in the legacy client.
- The countdown for first win of the days is shown in hours (while it's in minutes for chests). It isn't really optimal, since it will always be roundd up, meaning that you cannot see whether 5 or 55 minutes are left until the first win, hence whether a bot game would be enough or if you'd need to wait a bit then play one game.
Match history (1)
- The website match history isn't up-to-date compared to the history on the client. Namely, you can't see the warding score (despite being able to see the number of wards placed/bought/destroyed) or the self-mitigated damage on the website.
Clubs (4)
- You can't see how many people a club contains (in total) by looking in the club chat or on your club list at the top of your friend list; if you want to see it, you must click "View a club".
- You can't invite someone from your club in a game, as you could with the legacy client.
- The "Notifications" bell thing doesn't allow you to accept an invitation to a club. Screenshot, and I'm very proud of that club name for those who understand French and have some culture in French memes
- Since some people can be in more than three clubs at once, could it be a feature for everybody, to have the limit of clubs pushed to four or five?
Champion details (11) (feel free to add "in my opinion" before every of these points)
- The description of the mobility is a bit off in the champion pages. "The ability to quickly run around the map using blinks and dashes", yet it lists Singed and Udyr with 2. Surely their great amount of blinks and dashes should have put them to 3.
- I don't think it's very accurate to say that 60% of Corki's damage come from his attacks rather than from his abilities.
- Mundo's mobility is shown as lower than Singed. And his CC lower than Olaf's.
- Karthus has one more point than Azir in Utility (It's to be remembered that Crowd Control is placed in a different category than Utility).
- Kennen only has one point in mobility. Singed has two.
- Lulu should have 3 in CC instead of 2. She has an AoE knock-up, two AoE slows and a polymorph.
- Nami should have 3 in utility instead of 2. She has 4 ways of applying speed boosts, a damage buff and a heal. 2 is Orianna's and Lux's tier, whereas she could be on par with Janna at 3.
- Orianna should have a difficulty of 3. She used to be listed with 100 difficulty alongside Cassiopeia, Syndra and Draven, and that was before her AD nerf.
- If Viktor and Kindred have a difficulty of 3, then so should Riven.
- Shyvana's damage is mixed, not physical. After looking at many games, her damage is 40% magic. Remember that Corki is shown as having mixed damage despite dealing 70 to 80% magic damage.
- Sona should have 3 in utility instead of 2. She has an AoE heal, an AoE shield, a potential way of reducing ennemy's damage (which doesn't count as CC), an AoE damage boost and an AoE speed boost.
Friends list (5)
- [Important] Invitations disappear when they expire. That is VERY inconvenient. You want to apologize because you were afk when you were invited? No, you can't because you'll never see the game invite. You want to tell your mate that you'll wait for them and join for the next one? No, you can't because you'll never see the game invite.
- Notes in the friends list can only use one line. On many people, I've been using three- or four-line notes, to list several things (Name, details of the game in which we met, twitch link, birthday, etc.). They've all been reduced to just one line here. Screenshot with the red bars showing where it used to be separated, enjoy some French
- If you're invited in a normal game, nothing tells you whether it's a blind or a draft.
- Having the client minimized but still using your computer (and moving your mouse outside of the client) won't prevent you from being automatically set as Away. But... you're not away, technically. It might deter people from messaging/inviting you, thinking you aren't here, while you completely are.
- You can't see how long it's been since the last time your friends connected on mobile were active.
Chat (1)
- There is no separation between the last message of your previous conversation with a friend, and the first message of your current one. Screenshot (I drew this line to show the separation: the only way to see which message happened where is to hover over the timestamps.
Game select (2)
- It's sad not to be able to create custom Dark Star Singularity games!
- Also, cannot play 3v3 intermediate bots.
Party formation screen (2)
- You don't have a button to check someone's profile when you're in the lobby of a custom game. That button is/was pretty handy when it comes to scouting your opponents in a tournament.
- You'll only see a cross in the "Invitations" box when someone declined/left/got kicked/tried to join a full lobby. Without anything to tell you which of the four options happened.
Champion select screen (3)
- [There are literally dozens of us] Ribbons have disappeared from all champion selects. I know that the reason is because, quoting the support, they didn't fit the design of the new champ selects, but it was still really doable to implement them, just in another way than they previously were. I'm fine with ribbons being gone from ranked queues (Many people know Froggen's story, and I've lived it too, receiving many Mordekaiser target bans in 3v3 because people knew me and my ribbon), but nothing really advocates that for normal blind and draft, let alone for ARAM and featured game modes.
- You can now actually send messages in champ select with the "New message" button, but you still can't see the status (aside from the color) of your friends whilst selecting your champion. In high elo games, it's pretty useful to know that a certain person is currently in champ select too. And overall, being able to just have access to your friends list while in champ select is more comfortable, especially in drafts when it can last almost a dozen minutes.
- You can no longer use pipes to select several champions at once in the research bar, unlike in the legacy client.
Post-game screen (4)
- Can't see the team stats (numbers or graphs). Screenshot
- There is no score stat for the Dark Star mode, neither in the overview of the game, nor in the detailed stats.
- You can’t talk while looking at the stats in the post-game screen, since the chat is covered by the stats.
- Since you need to hover over someone's name in order to honor or report them, these buttons aren't shown by default, thus making people less likely to use them, which is, in my opinion, a downgrade.
  • Pending for test or proof
- If you're in game and you don't have the option ticked to close the client while you're in game, and you try to use most of the features of it while in game (adding a friend, for example) nothing will happen until the game is over (the add a friend tab will open when the game completes).
- Sometimes the client stops making any sound.
- The mac client is slow and clunky.
- Issue with receiving a notification for the same message in the club after every single login.
- There are some other bugs with the Loot, with trying to using items forcing you to close and re-open the Loot tab.
- After playing a custom game, the first win of the day is shown as ready, even when it isn't.
- If someone dodges while you were editing your masteries, their description will stay on the screen until you get in another champ select and re-edit them.
- Issue about not being able to select a mastery page without editing it.
- Still on masteries, someone couldn't open them in champ select, before doing a client restart.
- Issue with the friends list not refreshing until you restart the client.
- Sometimes, the Hextech-related pop-ups (mastery level, chests, keys) don't want to get rid of and require to click multiple times to be closed.
- The resolution resets after playing a game when the option for closing the client ingame is checked.
There it is! If you have anything that I've missed, feel free to tell me, and if you think something is wrong or has a way to be passed through, also tell me. I double checked most of the things, but obviously there are some mistakes that will remain. After all, my buglists have always been bugged themselves.
Congratulations if you managed to read through all of it!
submitted by Naerlyn to leagueoflegends

[Discussion] The opinion of a F2P player with 200 days in-game about the current state of Duel Links + some F2P guide updates.

Hey there! (If you only care about the F2P guide, check the end of the post)
''Who are you? and why should Konami listen to you?''
I'm DarkProjectM and i've been playing this game for 200 days, i'm quite dedicated to this game, i play it more than i'd like to admit to be honest, i've used everything this game has to offer to it's limit, PvE, PvP, Stages, Farming, Gems acquisition, etc, you name it, i have a lot of experience with it.
I like to believe that since i've been hardcore playing this game for 200 days straight, i have some very good insights on it, and i'd like to share some with you guys and maybe get a positive response from the devs in a near future.
  • My opinions and suggestions
  • Daily Rewards: Right now, they are ok-ish, the gold amount is not that great and the gems are not superb either, but they get the job done, after all, they are supposed to be a help and not the main way of acquiring both of those resources, still they could see some improvements.
    7 days during a week, right? On first 2 days we could get 3500gold per day, in the 3rd day we could get 4 Duel Orbs and in the last 4 days, we get 25 gems per day. This seems fair to me, a good, but not broken amount of gold, a very decent amount of Duel Orbs and x2 guaranteed packs per week for those who log in every day.
  • Stages: Underwhelming, we need to put way too much effort into them for little-to-no rewards at all.
    On some missions we need to waste more than 100 colored keys in order to get 50 of them back as a reward for the completion of a task! This doesn't seem profitable at all and i know plenty of players who choose to ignore stage missions completely for this same reason.
    Stage missions need to be updated with some more generous keys/gold/stones rewards and more stages should be added with more frequency in order to keep the hardcore players entertained.
    The ‘’play 5 games on pvp for 100gems’’ quest also needs to show up EVERY week, not every two weeks as it is today, that quest was one of the best things you guys did for this game's quality of life since it gives people more reasons to play PvP and making it a weekly thing would only make it better.
  • Gem distribution: Right now it's way better than it was before, no doubt about it, you guys really improved our situation with Duel-a-Thon, the back-to-back events and the gems we get for X number of downloads. But it still needs some tiny improvements, we could start by maybe making Legendary Duelists more likely to drop gem chests?
  • Key system: Right now? it is broken.
    Farming Legendary Duelists is way too expensive and for the rewards that they give us, it is almost not worth it at all, we are much better off playing pvp and acquiring the tickets than gambling away our keys farming Legendary Duelists.
    Something needs to be done about it, either increasing the droprate of platinum packs or rewarding more keys as we stage up and as we defeat Standard Duelists. I believe this is a necessity to keep the game enjoyable.
  • General Progression: Broken as well.
    Players at stage 1 get the same amount of exp and keys than a player at stage 60!
    To me, besides the curiosity i had to see what would i get after hitting stage 60, i didn't had any motivation to do the stage missions, since i knew that i wouldn't get better rewards for doing so.
    I actually felt punished for completing them, the Standard Duelists got tougher to beat and to make things worse i had to set on getting the same rewards as the people who just started the game today!
    We need more stages, with better rewards, more exp and more keys.
    A great thing that'd make a lot of people happy would be to not allow lvl10 or lvl20 Legendary Dueslists spawn on duel world after we hit a certain stage, like 45 or maybe even 50.
    It's very frustrating to see a Legendary Duelist you'd like to farm spawning on Duel World, just for you to find out that it is a lvl20. Make it so only lvl30's and lvl40's will spawn after Stage 40 and only lvl40's will spawn after stage 60, this would make a lot of people feel motivated to do the stage missions.
    Another thing i'd like to see, is the ability to reset a character's level everytime we hit lvl40, replacing the cards and skills we got as lvl rewards for Gold or Gems. This would make the F2P life much more enjoyable and it would give people something to do at every moment, since we'd never hit a point where there's nothing left to do, i believe some people call this a ''prestige system'', but i'm not really sure.
    Lastly, boost those login streak quests all the way up to the sky! PLEASE! i got TWENTY-FIVE GEMS for hitting TWO-HUNDRED DAYS in-game without a single day missed, this cannot even be seen as a reward, it’s just laughable.
  • Farming: Not rewarding enough, people play long and boring 30 turn games to get almost nothing at the end and to make things worse, this comes at the expense of 100 normal keys and 56 colored ones, this is really bad, we need to be rewarded better for farming.
    Elegant Mai was the worst event ever IMO, her deck was almost impossible to farm and even when someone managed to farm her, her drops never really made up for all the stress. This HAS to change! either keep the droprates as they are today but give the Legendary Duelists decks that are easy to farm, or boost the current droprate x3 and make the decks somewhat hard-to-farm.
    In my opinion, hard to grind but with a huge pay-off is the way to go. That last Bakura gate event was hard, but not impossible to farm and it made people be creative about their farming methods. Having future Legendary Duelists with decks similar to the one used during that event and with better droprates would make the whole thing a enjoyable challenge that makes everyone happy in the process.
  • Events:
    Duel-a-Thon: Great event overall, i for one, feel really motivated to log in every day and play the game whenever Duel-a-thon is up.
    Gate Events: Great! being able to challenge the characters at any given time is awesome, we feel more in control of the situation, they just need a little improvement on the platinum packs droprates and maybe some more gems throughout the event, i suggest getting rid of the ''10'' ''15'' ''20'' ''25'' and ‘’30 gems’’ rewards and replace them with ones that give us 50 gems.
    Random Spawn Events: Now, that’s a whole diferente topic. Random Spawn Events are the most frustrating thing about this game right now, we wait 2 to 3 hours for a spawn, just to be disappointed with it when we see that is a lvl30. And when a lvl40 finally arrives, we are ‘’rewarded’’ with small droprates and tons of chests with gold or stones.
    Make it so after stage 45, only lvl40’s will spawn and also boost the platinum packs droprate during these events, again, with hard but farmable decks.
    This subreddit is filled with threads from people complaining about not being able to get x3 Red-Eyes insight and then not being able to play Red-Eyes decks as a consequence! Konami, think about all the money you lost from people not buying x3 Gozuki and X3 Red-Eyes Wyvern for the simple fact that they couldn't get their hands on x3Red-Eyes Insight, think about that for a second, add to this all the people that did not buy x3 Soul Exchange and x3 Double Summon because Ishizu/Odion never dropped the Gravekeepers cards needed for that deck.
    Increasing the droprates would boost box sales by a lot from my point of view, just don't increase it by a lot, we don't want it to be super-easy, just dont make it almost-impossible as it is today, be generous, just not too much.
    The current platinum packs droprate is pretty hurtful to the game, and it might make people quit Duel Links by itself. Also, PLEASE notify people whenever a Legendary Duelist spawns in Duel World! this feature alone would make the whole thing WAY more enjoyable.
  • Special PVP duels:
    Exodia’s event was awesome, the animation of summoning Exodia was incredible, you guys really need to do something similar more often.
    KC cup was great as well, the progression system used back then was great, and in my opinion, it should be the one used for regular PvP as well.
    The WCS qualifiers was mixed, it felt great getting KoG and getting qualified, but then, during the final-qualifiers, it was all about who could play the most time and not about who had the most skill, the people who had the time to sit on a chair 24hours, 7days a week playing non-stop where the ones who got good results, people who didn't had that much time, but had good winrates got punished for it, what could be done? Limit the amount of wins one could get during a day, this alone would make the whole thing skill-based, only the ones with the most consistent winrates would be in the top ranks.
  • Regular pvp: It is in a weird spot right now, the streak system used feels really awful. Getting to KoG can be a total nightmare even to the most skilled players if they happen to get unlucky and don’t win that 5th game after a FOUR games winstreak. Something needs to be done about it, the streak system needs to go away, something similar to that system used during the KC Cup is the ideal one in my opinion. Win more than you lose and BOOM, you get a rank.
    Consistency needs to be the key-word, make consistent players feel rewarded for their efforts.
  • The current PvP rewards: You guys did and AMAZING job with the rewards, they all feel really fair, the amount of N, R and SR tickets are fair, and can save a lot of trouble with farming, 3 SR tickets is the perfect number, just enough to get x3 Enemy Controllers and make anyone ready to competitive, for real, Congratulations, you handled this matter like masters.
    But ofc, there’s always room for improvement, and locking people away from the gems of the past ranks during each season reset was not really a great decision to be honest, even though this one is not really a necessity it would improve the quality of the game by a lot.
    I’m currently at KoG and next month i’ll start on Platinum already, which means i’ll not be able to get the gems from the Bronze, Silver and Gold ranks. And as a f2p, I’ll really miss those gems, and it would be great to get them for free at the start of each season, again, this change is just to reward people for playing the game a lot, which right now, doesnt happen that often.
  • King of Games: There are literally no incentives to keep playing PvP after we hit KoG, a nice solution to me would be to treat the Kog rank as the Legend rank in Hearthstone, with a diferent ranking system on his own and maybe even diferent kinds of tickets as rewards, tickets that let us trade cards from past events maybe? it would be great to be rewarded with Red-Eyes Insight/Union Attack/Red Eyes Spirit and it would motivate a lot of people to achieve KoG every month by itself.
  • Boxes and Mini-Boxes: I think we’re gettin new boxes in a pretty good pace and being able to create entire decks with a single box is awesome too, this needs to keep happening.
    The main problem with boxes and mini-boxes is that in the current state of the game, they don’t feel really fair, having to reset a box 3 times to play a deck while paying 50 gems per pack is not fun to anyone, a healthy solution would be to increase the number of UR’s from x1 per box, to x2 and the number or SR’s from x2 to x3 per box. Mini boxes could also see a increase on the number of rarer cards, UR’s from x1 to x2, and SR’s from x1 to x2 would be great as well.
    A single reset per box is super healhy for the game in my opinion, it doesn't scare new players and it still requires quite the investment from players, but not a insane amount as it currently does. During my playthrough i HAD to ignore some boxes (Land of Titans and Electric Overload) in order to stay competitive, this is not really great or fun to anyone.
  • Card Trader: I think this needs some serious changes.
    I hate having the gold to buy x3 of every card i want, but not being able to, because they never show up on the card trader’s catalog. Having a full catalog available at all times and improving it with more cards as you stage up would be the perfect solution and it would save us from a lot of frustration.
  • Upgrading cards to glossy or prismatic: I absolutely LOVED that you guys read the threads that showed our interest on upgradin cards, but they are too expensive in their current state! and having to manually take the cards out from the decks just to upgrade them seriously demotivates me from creating any glossy or prismatic cards.
    A card like Wonder Wand, for example, i have it x3 on VARIOUS decks i use for farming, i really don't want to go though all of them in order to create the glossy versions.
  • Deck Editor and Card Catalog: The changes made in the last patch were insanely good for the quality of the game, congratulations, another topic you guys handled perfectly.
  • Animations: This game is beautiful, i love the way matches end, with the Duelists suffering from the shockwave and all that. Ace-Monsters’s animations are pretty neat as well, i cannot play Bakura or Kaiba with the 3D animations on ‘’Off’’ cuz Dark Necrofear and Vampire Lord’s animations are way too good! specially Necrofear’s!
    The dream now is to get a Gilford animation for Joey and maybe a Gravekeeper’s Oracle animation for Ishizu, but these are just my personal desires, apart from that, i’m 100% happy with the current animations, keep them coming!
Well, those are my opinions, i really hope i'm not sounding entitled or something similar, i really don't think we should be getting tons of gems for free, i just think some things could be done in order to make the playerbase happier.
I'm quite the happy player myself and i already recommended this game to all my friends who also like card games and even though i consider myself a F2P player i did put money in the game on some ocasions, two to be specific. The first time was when Valkyrie's Rage came out, i bought 4 of the ''2packs + 1sr'' deal, and i did it again on this last 48hours sale, buying 4 of the ''2packs + 1sr'' deals once again, so as you can see, not really a huge amount of money, just enough to make me happy and to show some support to this awesome game.
Konami has a real gem on their hands, i really hope they make this game better every month and never stop doing so, i really want to keep playing Duel Links for as long as i can, and i want to have a happy community doing the same with me too. That's why i make the guides, that's why i try to help the new players, i love this game, even the most flawed parts of it.
Now, about the updates to my F2P guide, don't freak out! i didn't add any new decks or boxes to it, i just added some topics i thought you guys would enjoy, like:
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  • How to get more gems ?
  • What to get with PvP tickets?
  • What to do with Duel Orbs?
You can check all this changes here: https://redd.it/6svgwb
Thanks for all the support, and thanks for reading until here!
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