Drama Review: Cinderella and the Four Knights

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Gallup/Knight survey: Americans believe media matters, but don't think it's doing its job

Gallup/Knight survey: Americans believe media matters, but don't think it's doing its job submitted by personaontherun to thenewsrightnow


Knight Commission On Intercollegiate Athletics: Transforming the NCAA D-1 Model. What D-1 Leaders Think: New Survey Findings About Reform

Knight Commission On Intercollegiate Athletics is doing a 4 part series on Transforming The NCAA D-1 Model. Today they released session 3: What D-1 Leaders Think: New Survey Findings About Reform. Here is their website with related videos and links to the slides, summaries, and survey reports - https://www.knightcommission.org/2020/09/transforming-the-ncaa-d-i-model-virtual-public-forums/
I will try to summarize some of the main points from the survey:
Methodology for the surveys:
  • Qualitative phase: 4 focus groups with Athletics Directors and Commissioners from DI FBS, DI FCS and DI schools without football
  • Quantitative phase: 15 minute online survey emailed to DI campus leaders distributed to more than 1400 individuals across 351 DI institutions and 32 conferences
  • Data collection ran June 18 July 14 (after 2020 winter championships had been canceled but before any decisions were made about fall 2020 sports, including football)
  • Responses are analyzed by the key decision maker group: presidents, ADs, commissioners.
  • Respondents are grouped into their competitive classifications:
    • Autonomy 5 (or A5) plus Notre Dame
    • Group of 5 (G5) plus independents
    • Football Championship Subdivision (FCS)
    • Division I schools with no football
  • Subgroup sizes sometimes became small. However they are large enough to identify general differences or similarities between groups.
Objectives of the study with campus and conference leaders:
  1. To understand what they view as common problems in Division I athletics
  2. To test their openness to a variety of policy reforms and major organizational structuring to address those problems
Overall Goals: Identify key issues > Establish a case for change > Test potential solutions
College Sports Finances: Key Points
  • Survey found consensus and differences reflecting the vast disparate resources among the membership (budgets ranging from $4 million to $220+ million).
  • Key financial topics:
    • Differences in resources
    • Concerns regarding spending and funding sources
    • Dissatisfaction with NCAA and College Football Playoff (CFP) revenue distribution
    • Potential solutions for healthier finances
Findings on NCAA and College Football Playoff (CFP) Revenue Distribution
Some of the greatest dissatisfaction in study revealed with the NCAA and CFP revenue distribution models that send more than $1 billion annually to D I schools.
Analysis by competitive classification reveals that only the A5 respondents have high levels of satisfaction with both revenue distribution models.
Findings on College Football Playoff and NCAA Revenue Distribution
  • Knight Commission recommendation: FBS Football factors be eliminated from the NCAA’s revenue distribution formula (the impact is estimated between $61 --$66 million).
  • Support for this reform is strong. Only 22% of respondents believe it is appropriate for FBS football scholarships and other factors to count in the NCAA distribution formula.
  • FBS Football negatively impacts the finances of the NCAA and non FBS institutions.
What DI Leaders Think: New Survey Findings About Reform
The Survey also asked about satisfaction with a number of NCAA policies:
  • NCAA Enforcement – less than one quarter of respondents think NCAA enforcement works well.
  • Financial aid allocations – Less than half indicate the current maximum scholarship allocations are appropriate.
  • Season Length - Half the respondents think men’s and women’s basketball seasons are too long.
Potential New Model (Model 1) Create a New Entity Separate from the NCAA to Govern FBS Football Only
  • Each of the current 130 FBS football programs would move to either a new non NCAA football only entity or to the NCAA Division I FCS. •
  • The new FBS football entity would:
    • Establish its own membership criteria
    • Fund operations through College Football Playoff (CFP) revenues or other fees
    • Determine revenue distribution for its members
    • Oversee all regulatory functions, including compliance and athlete safety
  • All other sports and their championships, including men’s and women’s basketball, would remain in the NCAA Division I.
Overall Likelihood To Support Implementing Proposed Potential Changes Create a New Entity Separate from the NCAA to Govern FBS Football Only (Model 1)
  • Likely to support - 44%
  • Unlikely to support - 31%
  • Neutral - 14%
  • Don't Know - 11%
Potential New Model (Model 2) Create a New NCAA Division in All Sports Except Basketball for the Autonomy 5 Conferences
  • The Autonomy 5 conferences of 65 schools would become a new Division of the NCAA in all sports except basketball. Other schools may be able to join if they meet membership criteria for this new Division.
  • The new NCAA Division would establish its own membership criteria and rules such as:
    • Minimum number of sports
    • Scholarship minimums
    • Amateurism rules
  • New NCAA Division championships could exist for sports other than men’s and women’s basketball.
Overall Likelihood To Support Implementing Proposed Potential Changes Create a New NCAA Division in All Sports Except Basketball for the Autonomous 5 Conferences (Model 2)
  • Likely to support - 34%
  • Unlikely to support - 49%
  • Neutral - 11%
  • Don't know - 6%
Opinions on Potential Benefits of Both Models
  • Addresses some of the significant problems in Division I athletics
    • Model 1 (46%), Model 2 (33%)
  • Will be fair and reasonable for my institution
    • Model 1 (45%), Model 2 (29%)
  • Will achieve financial savings
    • Model 1 (31%), Model 2 (23%)
D-I Leaders Survey Takeaways
  • Overwhelming support for major change and now is time to act
  • Nearly 8 in 10 want big solutions not incremental
  • Only 1/3 satisfied with current model of D I sports governance
  • Consensus agreement:
    • Need explicit Board level advocate for athlete health and safety
    • Concerns about inequities in NCAA and CFP revenue distributions
    • Sweeping actions to reduce athletics costs
D-I Leaders Survey Takeaways on Restructuring
  • Overwhelming support to keep current D I basketball tournament structure
  • Openness to different competitive structures within current model
  • Major reorganization concepts: Completely separating FBS football from NCAA has greater support than a fourth NCAA Division; viewed more likely to address the problems in D I
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