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Is this real i know poeple with more ingame violations then shard that are still playing this all seems like there trying to censor shards voice -Aura 13: 14, 17 April 2020 (UTC) If you know people with a large number of in-game violations who are still playing the game, hopefully they will have straightened out and decided not to continue whatever they were doing. About the gameNever the same game twiceYou have risen to lead an up and coming civilization in magical land of Elemental. Patch ragnarok 2 lyto. Magic: The Gathering Chronology For later versions, see Deck Builder's Toolkits.


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Job upgrades are improvements to the existing jobs of units. The crystal key may not be placed on the steel key ring, as it is non-reusable. Elemental Inscription Tool is created in a Tier 3 or higher Blood Altar using 1, 000 LP each. Shards of Alara: 10/03/2020: Shards of Alara (Foil) 10/03/2020: Starter 1999: 04/20/1999: Starter 2020: 04/24/2020: Stronghold: 03/02/1998: Summer of Magic: 07/21/2020: Super Series: 12/01/1999: Tempest: 10/13/1997: The Dark: 08/15/1994: Theros: 09/27/2020: Theros (Foil) 09/27/2020: Theros Beyond Death: 01/24/2020: Theros Beyond Death (Foil) 01.


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"Oh, yeah!"
Mario is the hero and frequent savior of the Mushroom Kingdom. His exploits in saving the Princess and stopping the constant barrage by the forces of darkness are as famous as his magnificent mustache. No matter what malevolent attacker threatens the safety of his home, whether it be the tyrannical King Bowser or something else for a change, Mario always sees them off with a spring in his step and a mallet in his fist, ensuring peace can continue and Peach can rest in safety.
64 = Paper Mario 64 TTYD = Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door SPM = Super Paper Mario SS = Paper Mario: Sticker Star PJ = Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam CS = Paper Mario: Color Splash OK = Paper Mario: The Origami King 
Important to note, Super Paper Mario involves multiple player characters capable of the same feats. If a feat is tagged SPM and involves a character other than who is listed, rest assured that the character in question is able to perform the feat in an identical fashion.


Paper Feats
To begin I'd like to acknowledge the easiest and most common response to Paper Mario as a universe in a battleboarding context. That everything in the world is made of paper and thus all of his feats are unimpressive and inapplicable to any other universe and its materials.
This is not true.
Despite everything in Paper Mario's universe being made of paper, it always behaves as if it was what it's modelled after. Objects have weight and mass. Some paper is completely fireproof while some paper can spend all its time submerged in water, despite the fire and the water also being made of paper. Weapons designed to pierce with pointed ends pierce, despite being flat paper.
And all of this kind of goes out the window with the crossover with the Mario & Luigi RPG series, where Mario is able to interact normally with 3D objects and M&L Mario and Luigi interacting with objects from the paper universe as if they weren't made of paper, showing again how paper objects have mass.
So, even when it looks completely flat, the object made of paper does not function as if it's paper.
Well, mostly.
Later games in the series which leaned more heavily on the paper aspects introduced new rules, most principally that paper objects only function the way they're meant to if they are fully formed. Note here how the water does not even flow until it's unfolded. Seen here in the crossover, as the massive trampoline does not gain its mass until its been unfolded and placed. This continues through the series as objects are shown to be unable to function properly if they are folded up, drained of color, or had their surfaces torn up. Note however that this only applies to objects and not people or creatures (see the physiology section for more details on this). Therefor, feats and anti-feats applying to incomplete paper objects are not included.
Mario has been afflicted with a few curses that allow him to transform his body under certain situations.
1,000-Fold Arms
Other Transformations


Bowser RT for Scaling
Jumping Strength
Hammer Swinging Strength
Vague RPG Damage Output
These are usually performed with help from his partners at the time.
Other Strength
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Tasha's Guide: Twitter Reveals

So it looks like Wizards has asked some D&D streamers to start making some reveals on their Twitters to hype up the new book and the D&D Celebration streaming event. I haven't seen anywhere to easily find all of them, so why not here?
Since, for some reason, it looks like this will be the sub's go-to thread for updates, I'll add some non-influencer shared details from the press release and around the web. Huge thank you to u/RoboDonaldUpgrade for already having gathered a lot of this!
The book is reportedly 192 pages and split into four chapters: Character options, Spells and magic items, Group patrons and Tools for Dungeon Masters.

Character Options

  • Lineage System - A streamlined way to modify racial traits during character creation.
  • Artificer - Reprinted, with "some tweaks" and new infusions.
Class Feature variants
  • 3 Primal Beast Companions for the Beast Master (Ranger)
  • Spell Versatility
22 new subclasses, 5 reprints
  • Bladesinging (Wizard), SCAG
  • Circle of Spores (Druid) GGtR
  • College of Eloquence (Bard) MOoT
  • Oath of Glory (Paladin) MOoT
  • Order Domain (Cleric) GGtR
Confirmed New Subclasses
  • The Genie (Warlock)
  • College of Creation (Bard)
  • Armorer (Artificer)
  • Aberrant Mind (Sorcerer) or, possibly Psionic Mind (Sorcerer), per differing sources

Spells and Magic Items

  • Mind Sliver, among more Psionics
  • Tasha's Caustic Brew
  • Tasha's Otherworldly Guise
  • Lightning Strike
  • Summon Aberrant Spirit
  • Summon Celestial Spirit
  • Summon Construct Spirit
  • Summon Fiendish Spirit
  • 5 more new Conjuration spells, 9 total
Class Specific Items
  • A tree limb spellcasting focus for druids and warlocks called a Bell Branch
  • Spellbook disguised as a romance novel, filled with Illusion spells
  • Extraplanar shards that each suit a different sort of Sorcerer
Magic Tattoos
  • One that improves unarmored AC
  • One that lets non-spellcasters be "a little bit more magical"
  • One that is Baba Yaga themed
  • Demonomicon
  • Tarroka Deck

Group Patrons

An expansion on the rules and examples from Eberron: Rising from the Last War.
  • Students of an esteemed adventuring academy
  • Under the employ of an Ancient Being, such as a powerful undead Lich
  • Elite members of a spy agency

Tools for Dungeon Masters

New rules for Sidekicks include potential to be controlled by the party, controlled by the DM, or played as an easy and streamlined class for newcomers. Different types of Sidekicks include:
  • Warrior
  • Expert
  • Spellcaster
Other DM Tools
  • Supernatural environments and natural hazards
  • Parleying with monsters
  • Session Zero
  • New puzzles and traps
Wizards of the Coast Nercarchy, io9, Gaming Trend, IGN, SYFY Wire
For Twitter sources, see top of post.
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