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ChromeBook Pixel not working on home WiFi :-(

Got my Chromebook Pixel today. The graphics look wonderful, but I can't connect to the Internet using my home WiFi at all. At the suggestion of a very helpful Google Pixel Ninja, I managed to get the setup done using the free WiFi at my nearest McDonalds, but still no luck from home.
My broadband connection is connected by a Speedtouch ST510 v6, which is connected by a short Ethernet cable to an Apple AirPort Extreme in bridge mode. The Speedtouch dishes out the DHCP traffic. Wireless is the normal B/G/N, 5 Ghz switched off, authenticated using WPA2 Personal. This setup works flawlessly for all our MacBook Airs, iPads, iPhones and the Nexus tablet we had until recently.
The Chromebook Pixel sees my SSID, sees it needs a WPA2 password, accepts it and manages to get its DNS fields populated. Job done you'd think. Not so. It throws the google web page to do an enforced HTTP Status 204 (to check it is seeing the Internet unfettered) and for some reason, the 204 status doesn't get back intact. Hence the connection is left sitting in Portal Mode, and the system software will not let traffic through.
There is some reference to Apple once having issues with HTTP status 204 not getting through Airport routers (throwing unrelated errors claiming not understanding why a 204 was passing through and stopping network printers working at one stage), but I can find no fix.
If anyone knows a resolution, or how to force through the change of portal to connected status by hand, I'd welcome the guidance! This is too nice a machine to only use when at a Starbucks!
submitted by IanWaring to chromeos

Modem/router problem

Hello, I have no idea if someone can help me out with this problem but I'm tearing my hair out. I am a student and I currently live in a student house -thingy (don't know the name in english for it). And we have a public internet for students which requires a log in. Now, all the rooms only have an ethernet cable. So I found an (old) modem/router (SpeedTouch) and I plugged the cable in so I could have wireless internet for my computer, tablet and iPhone. On my tablet and my computer I can just join the public wifi and log in but every time I try to connect with my iPhone, instead of loading the log in page, it prompts me to dsldevice.lan and it asks me to set up my SpeedTouch. When I click continue it says 'Warning: Running easy set up is not possible. There are no templates present.' and the 'next' button is grayed out. I have tried to acces the configuration-site-thingy through (which by the way, I can only acces it using my tablet, on my computer it won't load) but here I have to log in. I did reset the SpeedTouch when I installed it but I can't find the default log in and password on the internet so here I can't do anything either.
Basically, I want to get rid of that annoying pop up on my iPhone so I can connect my iPhone to the internet but I can't do it through that dsldevice.lan nor through the speedtouch set up. Can someone help me? I have been struggling for days now.
If this helps: it should be a SpeedTouch Thomson ST608WL and the 'wifi-name' is SpeedTouchD98205
I hope I'm in the right subreddit and sorry if somewhere there is already a solution posted, I have searched for hours and hours on the internet but with no luck.
submitted by dimgil to techsupport