Install MacOS Sierra 10.12 on VMware Player on Windows

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I sometimes get IndexError: list index out of range

Hello. I've programmed this game of hangman (I just started learning programming at the beginning of August so please excuse if it's inefficient or badly written). It works fine most of the time, but every now and then I get this error:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\Users\Asus\Desktop\pyhton\hangman game\hangman works but not with file.py", line 12, in
IndexError: list index out of range

I don't get why, it seems right to me. Somebody please tell me what do I have to modify to fix it. Here is the code:
import random print('WELCOME TO THE GAME OF HANGMAN') #words from which to choose possibleWords=['tree','flower','river','beehive','butter','tissues','flabbergasted','painful','allergy','utopia' 'cookies','cottage','skirt','butterfly','ridiculous','happy','laptop','sweet','loving','town','hangman','duration', 'pearls','thoughts','goner','windy','tornado','gorgeous','amazing','synergy','rotation','pistol','gathering','pocket'] #choosing the word to be guessed and displaying it num=random.randint(0,(len(possibleWords))) chosenWord=possibleWords[num] multiply=len(chosenWord)-2 print('Your word is '+chosenWord[0]+'_ '*multiply+chosenWord[-1]) wordToGuessTOOL=list(chosenWord) del wordToGuessTOOL[0] del wordToGuessTOOL[-1] wordToGuessTOOL='' .join(wordToGuessTOOL) print('You may guess letters or entire words.') wrong=0 #goes up to 11 tries=0 #in how many guessed the player guessed guessedLettersWRONG=[] guessedLettersRIGHT=[] guessedWords=[] while wrong<10: guess=input("What's your guess?\n") if guess.isalpha() and len(guess)==1: #if the player inputs a letter if guess in wordToGuessTOOL and guess not in guessedLettersRIGHT: #check and display if it was a good guess or not print('Correct guess!') tries+=1 guessedLettersRIGHT.append(guess) elif guess in wordToGuessTOOL and (guess in guessedLettersRIGHT or guess in guessedLettersWRONG): print('Letter already guessed!') tries+=1 wrong+=1 else: print('Too bad! Not a correct guess.') wrong+=1#takes off a life tries+=1 guessedLettersWRONG.append(guess) print(chosenWord[0],end='') #prints the word with the guessed letter if it was correct for i in wordToGuessTOOL: if i==guess and guess in guessedLettersRIGHT: print(guess,end='') allwordGOOD=True elif i!=guess and i in guessedLettersRIGHT: print(i,end='') else: print('_ ',end='') allwordGOOD=False print(chosenWord[-1]) if allwordGOOD==True: #if player guessed all of the letters print("Congratulations! You've guessed the word in "+str(tries)+' tries!') break elif guess.isalpha() and len(guess)>0: #player guessed a whole word if guess==chosenWord: #playr guessed right print("Congratulations! You have guessed the word "+chosenWord+' in '+ str(tries)+' tries!') break elif guess!= chosenWord and guess in guessedWords: #player inputed a word he tried before print('You have already guessed this word!') wrong+=1 tries+=1 elif guess!=chosenWord and guess not in guessedWords: #player inputed a wrong word print('Nope, not the word!') guessedWords.append(guess) wrong+=1 tries+=1 print('You have '+str(10-wrong)+' lives left.') #show how may lives there are left else: print('Please enter letters and words only!') #if the player entered not a word or letter 
submitted by nemuiisa to learnpython