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TownCenter Daily Update #021 - Survey Q&A - Part Three

Heya Citizens,

Here is the long awaited Part Three of the Q&A from Survey 8.0. So like.. 3.0 of the 8.0 Q&A - LOL..

Ok ok.. I'll shut up and let you read. See you all next week, be nice to each other, and take care.

2D or 3D?

Firstly, it's worth mentioning that SmallWorlds was not 3D, it relied on 2D sprites which were arranged to mimic the appearance of depth. While the avatar head was customized using a 3D system, it was also compiled into a 2D sprite shortly after saving.

TownCenter will likely use a similar approach as SmallWorlds.

Additional to this, TownCenter is hyper-focused on optimization & speed, which means avatars and spaces will operate differently to ensure this. Avatar animation, be that dancing, walking, sitting, etc are very useful, but they also add significant complications in development required, our ongoing clothing and wearable production speeds, download and loading times, and heavily affects game performance (lag) on both computers and phones (and their batteries)

As TownCenter will be playable on phones (which have considerably higher-density screens), all of the avatars and collectibles will need to scale significantly to look crisp and beautiful (an arcade widget from SW would appear roughly the size of your smallest fingernail!), so changes are required to ensure we can offer a more expansive and pleasant experience.

Why not just 3D everything?

While advances in 3D performance have improved and will continue to do so, it is far from perfect more a multitude of situations! The versatility of 3D assets comes with multiple problems.

A common desire for citizens is being able to talk to large groups of others, load multiple spaces as fast as possible, reducing lag between interactions and actions, and definitely not run our phone battery down throughout all of this.

What is the Short / Mid / Long-term vision for TownCenter?

Short Term
Building the fundamentals which are requested heavily by the community, connecting existing friends, designing an excellent chat service, produce high-quality digital collectibles and fashion, building fast & easy solutions for buying & trading, allowing multiple ways for self-expression across the app from the appearance of your name, chat, avatar, and places.

Medium Term
Advance each panel to provide options that improve what can be performed and achieved with maximum attention on speed and ease of use.

Long Term
Design and build new 'Centers which can extend and focus on what they can best offer, and without sacrificing or negatively influencing the other games performance, design, and game-play.

Player Shops? Currency? Store? Pricing?!

While TownCenter will function differently to SmallWorlds, there will still be spaces and the ability of adding and arranging collectibles within. Citizen operated in-world shops will be possible, but TownCenter will extend buying & selling to the Chat and Market Panel, allowing both immediate & direct trading, and long-term & indirect buying, respectively.

TownCenter will have two currencies: Gems & Coins, not too dissimilar to SW's Gold and Tokens.

TownCenter will eventually have a Store to purchase Gems and Supporter.

Pricing is undecided at this time, but we look forward to offering options starting at $1 and make sure that offerings are decoupled, so you only buy what you wish to purchase.

Which features are unlikely to find their way into TownCenter?

As TownCenter will focus more heavily on a selective range of features, there are many which are not planned for TownCenter and may be better suited as future offerings in any variant 'Centers which would like to explore in the future.

What happens to account or avatar details that TownCenter will not use?

Presently, we are storing the additional characteristics which were part of your SW account, in case they can be transferred to relevant areas of TownCenter in the near future. If we are fortunate with time, we will definitely explore how to move these details (CL, XP, sculptures, paintings, etc) so they can be visible within TownCenter.

TownCenter will have Exploit Prevention and Moderation?

Yes. The many benefits of using newer framework and solutions is additional security improvements and procedures. TownCenter already offers HTTPS, improved password handling and requirements, 2-Step Verification, and utilize the newest cloud technologies. Please note, this fancy technology cannot help if you are reckless with your personal information. Never share your passwords with others, and use unique passwords on the different services you use.

Additional to service security, we will operate with an active moderation team and will be using improved solutions to automate common problems and issues. We will be reviewing and updating our policies where appropriate and ensuring a fair set of rules that citizens must follow. In saying this, TownCenter will not be drastically different to SmallWorlds in that if you do or say hurtful stuff, matters will be assessed and action will be taken.

If alternative versions of TownCenter are made - what would they offer?

As TownCenter focuses predominantly on chat, collection, clothing, and trading, there are many other activities which can still be explored but which we would prefer to build as unique and standalone apps. It is important to us that all these alternative 'Centers would still offer a universal Contact and Chat Panel so that friendships and messaging can continue wherever you are.

While we don't want to think too far ahead of ourselves, there are definitely cool ideas that we would love to explore later on, such as..

FashionCenter - More focused on avatar customization & maintenance, clothing & fashion, in-game social events and game play.
QuestCenter - Heavily focused on quests, exploration, crafting and missions, character development, skills, attributes and achievements.
ArtCenter - Painting, sculpting, art auctions and public galleries.
PetCenter - Animal adoption and care, mutations, styling, and events.
FantasyCenter - Role-playing, friendship & chat, dress-up and gatherings, unique and expansive options for chat settings.
GameCenter - Single and team-based action & strategy game service, leader boards, tournaments, cosmetic upgrades.

How similar will TC be to SW - what are the differences?

TownCenter will be quite similar to SmallWorlds, with an emphasis on focusing on fewer features but making them better!

Avatar-based chat (initially using your existing SW avatar)
Lots of ex-SW items will be coming back (but remastered to look even better)
Fashion, trading, spaces (with functional changes to improve performance).

Faster and more focused.
Rare Collectibles offer significantly different uses throughout the app.
In-chat trading and buying.
Spaces can support hundreds of citizens at once.
HD collectibles.
Panel-based UI to allow fast, customizable, and persistent access to everything.
Likes & Achievement System, Leaderboards, and space neighboring to build networks.

And just countless little things; stacking on all items, chat filtering, multi-selecting, drag & drop, night-mode, full emoji-support, etc etc

Will TownCenter have user-generated content (UGC)?

At this point in time there is no consideration of this, as we would prefer to produce our own high-quality digital goods.

Ex-SW item will be usable?

No. It is extremely unlikely that previous items will be usable inside TownCenter. TownCenter requires significant changes in how collectibles are interacted with, how they are displayed, and their effects on the TownCenter economy. Our reason for offering the importation of existing items was to simply offer a trip down memory lane for those which have dearly missed the items they obtained.

Developing two different item systems is not a feasible option for us to consider at this time.

TownCenter Beta Perks?

Yes, we will definitely be awarding those who were previous SmallWorlds players, and also for those simply new to TownCenter (when we allow new registration).

How do spaces work and how would we move around?

This is a question that deserves its own update article. Tune in next week when I cover how places in TownCenter will be created, edited, customized, and how you can move between them!
submitted by VinceGeeSWHQ to TownCenterApp


Went on break to have my second life gone.

I loved this game and I’m so sad to find out that it’s now gone. This game was my life and gave me joy that I just couldn’t get in the real world. It gave me a sense of belonging. I came back to today to go on just for shits and giggles but to my disbelief, smallworlds is no more. I have no idea what happened but I’m shocked. I’m sad for everything I’ve worked for to get, years of levels and gold that I’ve earned through surveys and videos. I don’t have it anymore. Maybe it’s for the best, but I still wish it’d come back. I will forever miss this game. Maybe we’ll all be blessed with it again in the future. I would like to thank everyone who’s followed me on instagram as well ( @autumn.sw for anyone curious). I love every one of you and thank you for being so kind and supportive. I never thought I’d get such a following when I made that account. You guys are amazing and I hope you all find something new to enjoy ❤️
submitted by Fall_Equinoxx to SmallWorlds